Genius! Alpha lipoic acid: why it’s so essential for our good looks?

Hi girls and boys! I’m sure the post will be equally interesting for both of you because of the famous alpha lipoic acid (ALA). It stands right behind proteins and is an essential ingredient to include in diet of all gym regulars because it regenerates damaged DNA, lipid and protein structures. It also helps us clear body of harmful substances and protects against free radicals[…]

All you need is ALOE! My honest review of Nanoil Aloe & White Tea Face Serum

I’m sure you know this saying “good at everything, great at nothing”. Without doubts, this isn’t true about aloe vera which is a skin-care jewel and a must-have in my beauty case. I treat my hair with natural oils and love them but my skin is flawless thanks to aloe and a game-changing serum enriched with it. Hope you’ll like my review of Nanoil Aloe[…]

Micellar shampoo. How does it work?

I fell in love with micelles. Not just me because the potential of these tiny particles is also appreciated by cosmetic companies. That’s what micellar shampoos are like – universal, delicate and suitable for every hair type. Do you want to know how they work? Read today’s post and you will find the answer to every question regarding micellar shampoos! For many years, it’s been known that[…]