DIY Eyebrow Lamination – At-Home Brow Lamination Kit RANKING

Hi! 🙂 I’m glad you’re still visiting my blog. Today I have prepared something extra. If you are interested in eyebrow lamination, today’s post will definitely appeal to you. I don’t think it’s necessary to explain what this treatment is, however, let me just say it’s a long-lasting eyebrow styling method that lasts from 4 to… even 8 weeks! Interestingly, nowadays you can laminate your[…]

makeup remover

I Test the New: Micellar Water, Nanobrow Micellar Makeup Remover [Review]

Do you know what micelles are? These microscopic molecules act like magnets, binding to dirt and removing it from the skin surface. Micelles are used in many cleansing products: shampoos, shower gels and makeup removers. As far as makeup removing products go, I’ve recently tested a new micellar water: Nanobrow Micellar Makeup Remover. Fancy knowing the result? 🙂 What does micellar water do? Micellar cleansers[…]

Bamboo Gel for Face and Body. Better Than Aloe Gel?

Almost everybody knows and at least once in their lifetime used aloe gel, right? Some people squeeze it out directly from aloe leaves that grow on their windowsill, whereas the others prefer to use this world-famous Holika Holika product. To my surprise I’ve found out that aloe gel has a tough competitor – bamboo gel. Is it better than its aloe alternative? Things we value[…]