Clinique ‘Double Bubble’. Cleansing face mask Pep-Start

Hello Girls! I think that bubble cosmetics have been fairly popular recently. Do you share my reflection? Anyway, such products are believed to wield tremendous cleansing, exfoliating and smoothing powers. Having this in mind, I decided to find out whether this conviction is true so I bought Pep-Start Double Bubble face mask by Clinique. How did it work on my skin? You’re going to find[…]

Charlotte Tilbury Beauty Icons Gift Set Review

Hey!  Gift beauty sets are something I like most. The one I got recently is my favourite – Charlotte Tilbury Beauty Icons Gift Set. There are a few cool products in the kit and today’s post focuses on them. Charlotte Tilbury Beauty Icons Gift Set Charlotte Tilbury gift products come in a brown box with golden writings and pictures. Makeup and skincare cosmetics are housed[…]

How Has My Skin Managed to Combat Unhealthy Shine? Colway Micellar Cleansing Water

Hi! I’d always had a problem with oily and acne skin. I used lots of pharmaceutical and drugstore products but none gave me 100% effectiveness. No sooner than several months ago, antibiotics did away with my acne breakouts. Too bad, the unhealthy shine skin stayed. And this is where the Colway Micellar Cleansing Water came to rescue. What does my skin look like now? What[…]

I did my lips with Glamglow, Plumprageous Lip Treatment. What happened?

Hello! Matte, metallic and shimmering. This is how I can describe the newest lip glosses by Glamglow, Plumprageous Lip Treatment. I was lucky to use a few shades, and I did this for various events. Did the cosmetics pass the test? Let me invite you to read my entry on this. Plumprageous Lip Treatment lip glosses by Glamglow Glamglow brand offers three types of lip[…]

Imperfections? No One Will Spot Them with Maybelline Master Camo Color Correcting

Hi, girls! Discolouration, dark under-eye circles, red spots and broken blood vessels give many women sleepless nights. I used to be bothered by the same problems. Since I bought Maybelline Master Camo Color Correcting, everything changed for the better. Maybelline Palette – my tool for flawless skin Maybelline concealers come in a small case with a colourless top. There are six shades inside matching all[…]

Sheer Glow foundation from NARS. Is it the best cosmetic I have ever had?

Hiya! As you all well know, In my opinion, make-up without foundation should not exist. Therefore, I like to try out many foundations to find the best one for me. Even though I have used many different ones, I must say that Sheer Glow foundation from NARS is my go-to product of all times. Wanna know why? Keep on reading:) Sheer Glow foundation from NARS[…]