My Infallible Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder


Each of us has beauty products that are second to none and can’t be replaced. In my case, it’s Laura Mercier Loose Powder. Why I like the product so much? Read the post to find out.

Translucent Loose Setting Powder – formula

Translucent Loose Setting Powder is finely-ground and incredibly mild. The product is free from oils and substances that could trigger acne breakouts. It’s gone through dermatological tests and is fully safe for people with the sensitive skin. The powder doesn’t leave smudges or spots and doesn’t run down the skin yet it might enhance the wrinkles around the lips. The product makes every makeup long-wear, no matter the foundation we use. Both the light and dark shades perfectly blend with the skin tone.

What effects does Translucent Loose Setting Powder give?

Thanks to the powder, the skin is smooth and radiant. Imperfections vanish with just a thin coat of the product. The skin tone is even. Translucent Loose Setting Powder gives a natural effect without smudging or caking. It contains a few natural ingredients that care for the skin, nourishing and moisturising – Corn Extract and vitamin E.

How to apply Laura Mercier Powder?

The brand recommends using a special puff which is made from soft and gentle bristles. Thanks to the tool, you precisely spread the product without irritating the skin. Obviously, feel free to use any applicator you like. I used a regular, natural-bristle brush and the effect was amazing. How did I apply the powder? After using a moisturiser, I spread the Translucent Loose Setting Powder with circular motions. I used small quantities which were enough to set the makeup.

Laura Mercier Powder – extra info

Translucent Loose Setting Powder comes in a plastic jar with a sifter which protects the product and makes the application easier. The cosmetic is available in two shades. Translucent is ideal for fair skin, Translucent Medium Deep goes with darker skin tones. The jar holds 29 g which should be enough for several months.

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