Pre-Sleep Hair Routine Tips: How Do I Care for My Hair at Bedtime?

We take great care of our hairdos throughout the day, brushing, combing, styling, creating different hairstyles, applying tons of products while or after washing, oils, masks, conditioners, etc… Is there anything else we can do to make the hair shine and get even stronger? Sure, we can! And it takes very little effort! Let me tell you how I care for my hair… at night! With the tricks, you will always have a lovely hairdo right after washing, plus avoid hair damage while tossing and turning.

FIRST AND FOREMOST: Say NO to sleeping with your hair down!

Obviously, this doesn’t apply to you if you’ve got short hair. However, if your tresses are long, you should forget about sleeping with them down! Why? It means a higher risk of injuries, breakage, knots, frizz, etc. Tying hair up to sleep is a far better idea. However, you need to make sure your nighttime hairstyle is loose, so forget a tight ponytail too! I usually go for:

  • messy braid (any braid, e.g. French) which creates amazing waves.
  • messy bun on top of the head for more hair volume.

What accessories to use?

A gentle hair-friendly tie is a perfect choice. Choose a silk scrunchie which is the most delicate. Avoid tight and small elastics! Keep Invisibobbles for the day use.

Second rule for the nighttime hair routine: avoid sleeping with wet hair!

Overusing a blow-dryer isn’t a thing that keeps the hair healthy but I assure you that drying the hair with a cool airflow is more hair-friendly than sleeping with it when still wet. Why? Because wet hair is much more exposed to damage. Naturally, it’s best to wash the hair early enough so it air-dries before you go to sleep. Speaking of washing, use a cotton T-shirt instead of a towel for squeezing out the excess water.

Nighttime hair care: how I care for hair before sleep

You can also use the night as a great chance to deeply nourish your hair. Oil treatment is the best choice! Mustard, jojoba and sweet almond oils are my favorites. Apart from oils, try nighttime hair masks, for example Kerastase Nutritive 8H Magic Night Serum. No matter if you shampoo the hair in the morning or not, always apply a silicone-based serum before sleep because the ends are mostly likely to get hurt.

That’s it! I’ve really seen a great difference in the health and appearance of my hair since I started following the nighttime hair routine.

What about your ways to secure the hair during sleep? Share them in a comment!

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