5 facts you MUST KNOW about vitamin C and its use in skin care

Have you ever tried vitamin C on your skin?

If not, it’s high time you caught up. It’s really one of the best skin-enhancing substances, no matter how old you are. Even more so because a stable and the best form of vit. C has been discovered. It’s worthwhile to reach for ascorbic acid and never deny your skin access to products rich in vit. C. I’m aware though that there are still lots of myths surrounding it, therefore, I wish to explain the essentials and clear up all doubts. Read on! It’s good to know more on the queen of skin care.

Vitamin C for skin care: facts & myths

1. There are various forms of vitamin C

Yes, there are. Now. Currently, apart from the traditional ascorbic acid, there’s 3-O Ethyl ascorbic acid. Scientists have finally managed to tame the unstable vit. C so ethyl ascorbic acid doesn’t break down, it’s durable and reaches the skin in an unchanged form. It works great for everyone, regardless of age and skin type, no matter if you are bothered by deep furrows, acne breakouts or dull skin. In other words, 3-O Ethyl ascorbic acid is the best STABLE vitamin C which fully affects the skin. This form dispels another myth saying that vit. C is unstable. Cosmetologists managed to isolate its stable form.

2. Ascorbic acid whitens the skin

Let’s not go too far… You are not going to become an albino. Yes, the skin is lighter but I’d say it’s turning radiant, not white 🙂 To me, saying that vit. C whitens the skin is an exaggeration.

3. Vitamin C reduces acne

Yes, indeed! It is spectacular, accelerating skin healing process and helping to get rid of post-acne spots, discoloration and other “weirdos”. Use it in form of serum prior to your moisturizer for oily and acne skin, and you will rapidly spot a difference!

4. Vit. C is ideal for all skin types

It is true which I’ve already mentioned. This acid is phenomenal – you can use it no matter how old you are and what skin type you have since it works even for sensitive and couperose skins. Vitamin C aids in fighting redness and spider veins, soothes skin, removes pigmentation spots, and used on a regular basis, it is able to smooth out wrinkles. Marvelous!

5. The form of vit. C you use matters a lot

Yes, it does, and I’ve mentioned that too. Once you start browsing through blogs, you will see there are various forms of vit. C, mostly synthetics or ascorbic acid derivatives. 3-O Ethyl ascorbic acid is the only real vitamin C which actually has the best effect on skin. Search for it in quality cosmetics, ideally serums which ensure the deepest skin penetration.

All other synthetic forms of vitamin C are less stable and thus break down and oxidize faster (before absorbed into the skin). To make things worse, the substitutes of ascorbic acid are likely to cause allergic reaction or bring miserable results.

Have you tested vit. C products? Do you ever check the form of ascorbic acid that a given cosmetic features? What are the effects you notice on your skin? I spotted smoother skin tone and radiance after just a few uses. What about you? Leave a comment! XOXO

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