Max Factor Facefinity Compact powder. An old cosmetic in a new packaging


It is easy to use, it gives an amazing effect, it matched the skin perfectly. That’s how you can describe Max Factor Facefinity Compact. Recently, the brand has improved its packaging but the cosmetic was left unchanged. What has come out of it?

Compact powder – what is it?

It is a very comfortable and effective cosmetic for finishing makeup. Usually, the compact powder has a creamy formula, thanks to which its application is very simple and the effect – just perfect. What’s more, this type of products come in a handy packaging, contain a powder puff for the application, and what’s best, they fit into any women’s handbag. Is the Max Factor Facefinity Compact powder also like that?

Max Factor Facefinity Compact – how does it work?

Apart from the amazing coverage, long-lasting mattifying effect and a flawless makeup finish, Max Factor powder also condition the complexion. It ensures proper moisture level, it makes it radiant, enhances natural face shade, protects against solar radiation (contains  SPF 15). Max Factor Fecfinity Compact is fragrance-free and oil-free which makes its suitable even for people with sensitive skin. The cosmetic has been dermatologically tested and is completely safe and it doesn’t cause any irritations or allergic reactions.

How to apply Max Factor Facefinity Compact?

The first step is to match the shade of the cosmetic to your skin colour. The brand offers four shades: Golden, Toffee, Natural and Ivory. Personally, I like the last but least on because it blends with my complexion perfectly. Next, with the use of a soft sponge, I apply the product to my face. It’s important to do the makeup in a daylight to obtain the most natural effect. However, if such a delicate look is not suitable for some reason (on some occasions I need a more expressive makeup), I smooth out the face with a brush and apply another layer of the powder.

What’s your favourite compact powder? Have you ever tried Max Factor Facefinity Compact? What’s your go-to makeup? Let me know in the comments below! 

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