‘Fashion Art’ on nails. Hybrid decoration with ChiodoPRO – Step by Step

Lately I had the great opportunity to take part in a workshop where I learnt how to do more complicated decorations on nails than I used to normally do. For me it’s a huge step forward because all I could do that far was applying dots and drawing uneven stripes on the nails. Delighted that I can do really outstanding nail styling, I decided to devote my today’s entry to the fingernail series.

All the steps I’m going to talk about below were taken with the use of ChiodoPRO. I find this brand hybrid polishes and gels just marvellous!!!

Can just anyone perform Fashion Art nail styling on their own? I wasn’t sure about that because I used to be convinced that you need to have just a basic artistic gift and a trained hand. However, on the workshop I was proven that it’s the technique that matters. Therefore, if we are acquainted with this method then it shouldn’t be troublesome for us to get the effect we’re looking for. The worst case scenario is that it can take more time than a professional nail technician requires to apply the pattern. But still, it’s worth trying 🙂

Fashion Art nail decorating – Step by Step

Let me present you the method I was lucky enough to learn. Thanks to decorating your nails using this technique, you will obtain the result you want to get. Owning to the trial and error method, you shall get at least the last nail perfectly done, hahaha! What do you need to apply such decoration?

Get yourself equipped with the regular hybrid manicure set (a base coat, a light nail polish, a top coat, a UV lamp, etc.), a thin brush, ChiodoPRO Paint Gel of black shade and the hybrid polishes of the shades you need to colour your drawings on the nails. Let’s start!

  • 1st Step – colour of the nails
    Let’s start in a very standard way, so from mattifying your nail plate. Then, apply a base coat that you have to harden straight away. After that, coat the fingernail with a chosen nail polish of a light shade (I use a nude colour) which also has to be hardened.
  • 2nd Step – draft
    Once the nail is ready, we can proceed with decorating it. Take the brush, put its bristle into a black nail polish and start drawing a picture you want to wear on your nails (for example, a woman in a dress). It doesn’t have to be a work of art. The truth is, just 3-4 spontaneously drawn lines will do. They have to be neither even nor of the same thickness. Harden the pattern under UV lamp.
  • 3rd Step – pattern colouring
    Fill the created pattern with colours. Let’s assume that you used my idea of drawing a woman, colour her hair brown, orange or yellow. Paint the dress any colour you want; this also applies to such elements like hats, earrings and bracelets. Just use your imagination. Again, harden the nail polishes.
  • 4th Step – touch-ups
    Correct the outlines of the woman you applied to your nails using a black nail gel and make it hard under UV lamp.
  • 5th Step – fixing the effect
    The last step is using a top coat just like you do this while applying regular hybrid manicure. Put the nails under UV lamp for the last time. You’ll enjoy hardened and protected nails longer than usually. Every time you look at the nails, you will be happy to see how amazing your elaborated nail work looks like.

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