Perfect foundation: liquid, powder or mousse? Which one shall you choose?

I bet every second one of you continuously changes foundations in the hope of finally finding the right product: the perfect colour, the perfect consistency… most girls simply go for liquid foundations. Is it always a good solution? And what about their properties? Satin, mattifying, highlighting, or maybe lifting? There is also a foundation combining the action of a primer and a concealer, a kind[…]

Ready in 5 minutes. An incredible way of applying ultra-fast make-up

Hey all the cuties out there! Today, I’m going to shatter one myth: hurried doesn’t mean unkempt. I know that sometimes it’s hard to find enough time to apply flawless make-up. Many women simply resign form it, however, in the morning, when we are hurried the most, it’s possible to conjure up perfect make-up using no more than 5 minutes only. My daily make-up occupies[…]

How to Choose Good Mascara? Read before You Buy One

I’m posting today’s (seemingly) obvious article because I’ve come across many questions concerning mascaras recently. The market is abounding in various mascaras so I’m not surprised most of you – to put it mildly – go mad while shopping. Which mascara should I choose? Which mascara do you recommend? Which mascara is best? A long-wear, lengthening, thickening, clump-free, flake-free mascara… such questions and dilemmas are[…]

Something new in my cosmetic bag: Estee Lauder Double Wear

Hi! My cosmetic bag has been complemented by two new products by Estee Lauder: the highlighter and bronzer – Double Wear. Both products have stick form with a cushion tip which immensely makes make-up easier. What are the other benefits of the cosmetics? Estee Lauder Double Wear Highlighter The main task for the cosmetic is to highlight skin and contour face. Just one stroke of[…]