My Fave Natural and Organic Beauty Products! What Do I Use?


Do you like natural and organic beauty products?

I love them! And it’s not that I’m following a trend for natural body treatments, which in fact is a right thing to do because extracts and oils derived from nature are better for us. You can feel it. I myself noticed that I look better and I feel better in my own skin ever since I swapped ready-made products for naturally derived cosmetics. To me, that was a good change, and there are a few reasons for me to say that.

Why should you use natural beauty products?

  1. You’re sure that the product is free from artificial fillers.
  2. You can buy them in a local drugstore, online or make them yourself at home.
  3. They have simple formulas, meaning that the risk of possible irritations decreases.
  4. In most cases they cost less than other innovative and posh formulas.
  5. They are multi-purpose products, thus they have many applications.

Natural and organic cosmetics that I love

It’s time to show you my list of cosmetic must-haves that includes all-natural products I use on a daily basis. They work amazingly well!

Pure argan oil

On the top of my natural cosmetic list there is argan oil, obviously! I use it to soothe my entire body, I apply it to the face, prior to makeup, to hair and the scalp, to nails and use it even as a base ingredient of homemade cosmetics, and so on, and so forth. It’s a truly do-it-all beauty product, good at retaining moisture in skin and hair. In general, it does everything you need it to do, meaning that it provides smoothness, repair and protection from high temperature and UV. It’s amazing!

Raspberry lip balm

My HIT among all lip treatments? Raspberry lip balm made with lanolin, raspberry seed oil, shea butter, jojoba oil and vitamin E. Not only does it take care of lips but also intensifies their natural color, and this effect is owed to naturally derived mineral pigment. A marvelous cosmetic that I can’t imagine leaving my home without.

Beeswax-based perfume 

In my bag I always carry perfumes made with wax because they are 100% natural, lasts long and on top of that they are super convenient to use because they are sold in a small jar. As you know it by far, the base ingredient is beeswax and the aroma compounds are a blend of essential oils. Thanks to this the aroma lingers on the skin definitely longer than a regular toilet water does.

Rose water

One of the reasons I like rose water is its aroma, but this isn’t the only thing making me carry this product in my bag. I use it as a moisturizing, rejuvenating and refreshing facial toner. During the summer, I spray my hair and face with it for extra hydration. In the evenings, I use it as a face cleanser.

Cream deodorant

This is my discovery of the latest months. I swapped my spray and roll-on deodorants for a cream deodorant made with shea butter, potato starch, diatomaceous earth, coconut oil, evening primrose oil and plant-based glycerin. As far as the fragrance goes, these are essential oils that give the cream deodorant its fragrance. As you can see, cream deodorant is 100% natural. What about application? You just have to spread it underneath your armpits and you’re ready to go: fresh, fragrat, smooth and with no bad-looking dark stains on clothing.

Aleppo soap (made with olive oil)

It’s said that Aleppo soap originates from Syria, which is far far away, but it doesn’t matter as long as my skin loves it. I use this olive oil and laurel oil soap to clean my entire body and face, and it gives me the exact effect I want to achieve, which is perfectly clean and smooth skin.

Natural beauty products – application

While talking about natural products I guess I need to tell you that there is nothing complicated about using them. Actually, the directions for use are exactly the same as for regular beauty products, with one small difference – in most cases one natural cosmetic does more than one ready-made beauty product. I love natural cosmetics for helping me cut down on the number of products I carry out in my makeup bag, which is especially useful when I’m travelling.

Obviously, I didn’t mention all natural beauty products that I like and use on a daily basis – I’ve just listed the best ones that I truly love.

How about you? Do you have your fave beauty products made with naturally derived ingredients?

Let me know in the comments!

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