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Effective and cheap beauty products? Some people believe these two features exclude each other. I will try to prove that some drugstore, budget cosmetics can be a nice surprise. For example, my favorite brand – Bell.

I love Bell products. I treat them with a sentiment as it’s a brand that was there with me when I started my make-up adventure. Bell lipstick was the first I had as a teenager. I remember it vividly – very light, in a delicate pink hue, leaving a satin finish on lips. I loved how it went with my teenage, disco look 🙂 Depending on the lighting, my lips looked different. Magic!

Now, Bell cosmetics are also popular among girls, despite a wide range of other beauty products. Bell popularity doesn’t pass because the products are characterized by HIGH QUALITY and LOW PRICE. I’ve tested a few dozen of Bell products and chose top five that – to me – are good value for money. Curious?

1. Bell Mat Liquid Lips Love

My favorite Bell product. It has all the qualities I want in a matte lipstick. The consistency is rich and creamy. The cosmetic has excellent pigments so touch-ups are needless. I’ve tested the lipstick and assure you that it lasts a few hours (unless you eat something greasy). Rose is my fave hue. My number 1 matte lipstick.

2. Bell HypoAllergenic Lip Tint

I rarely use lip tints because the application takes more time and effort. On the other hand, when I have a big night out or something and need to get a perfect lip shape, I go for Bell tint. It works best. The formula is quite runny so you must get the hang of the application. The pigments are less intense so you must apply two coats. It’s extremely long-wear and doesn’t make lips dry as most tints.

3. Bell Wanted Longlasting Cream Eyeshadow

Bell eyeshadow was a huge surprise. I use the nude hue as a primer before applying an expressive and colorful eye make-up. Feel free to use Bell shadows according to the purpose as they give great effect or use the product like I do. For example, I apply the cool brown to my brows for a perfect definition.

4. Bell Royal Maxxx 4D Grand Volume Dimension Mascara

Usually, I don’t believe such cheap products work or stay on lashes. Bell Royal Maxxx 4D surprised me. The natural effect, nice separation and slight volume boost are the things I like most about the mascara. To me, it’s a great product but it won’t work if you have short and sparse lashes or expect an intense effect.

5. Bell HypoAllergenic Contour Palette

Contour palette is the last (but not least) Bell product worth recommending. The product lets me slim my face and give it the desired shape in an effortless way. Bell HypoAllergenic Bronzer has an ideal shade so it goes with both cool and warm skin tone. I have a neutral skin tone so the palette works spectacularly for me. The bronzer and highlighter are matte. I like it because shimmering and brocade make-up is not my piece of cake.

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