Bamboo Gel for Face and Body. Better Than Aloe Gel?

Almost everybody knows and at least once in their lifetime used aloe gel, right? Some people squeeze it out directly from aloe leaves that grow on their windowsill, whereas the others prefer to use this world-famous Holika Holika product. To my surprise I’ve found out that aloe gel has a tough competitor – bamboo gel. Is it better than its aloe alternative?

Things we value aloe gel for

I’m pretty sure that you all would agree with me when I say that the best thing about aloe gel is that this is a single-ingredient and natural beauty product. Additionally, it’s a multitasking cosmetic, suitable to improve and nourish face, body, hair and nails. Aloe is known for reducing irritation and aiding skin in repairing itself faster. Lastly, it works as a constituent of home beauty products.

What is bamboo gel made from?

For some reason bamboo gel is treated as an aloe gel alternative. I’m not sure why, but I assume that it’s because both products share similar texture and properties. Despite having a lightweight, gel formula, both extracts are composed of completely different substances.

Contrary to aloe, bamboo gel contains silica that – as you probably get it right – naturally occurs in cosmetic clays. This mineral is antibacterial, absorbs sebum and balances lipids, meaning that it deals with seborrhea and dryness at the same time. Additionally, silica is proven to have a positive effect on nails and hair, making them stronger and repaired.

This bamboo cosmetic also contains amino acids that are responsible for stimulating collagen production, saccharides and and B-group vitamins. Rhamnose and flavonoids are potent antioxidants and are able to deal with cellulite. It’s worth realizing though that the concentration of nutrients and their total amount is lower in bamboo gel than in aloe gel (the latter additionally contains A and E vitamins that bamboo gel lacks).

Benefits of bamboo gel

  • It’s an universal cosmetic, perfect for skinimalism enthusiasts.
  • You can apply it to the face, hair, body and nails.
  • Bamboo gel can be used as a constituent of your next home beauty product.
  • Able to replace a few regular skincare products, bamboo gel is an ideal multitasking cosmetic for travel.
  • Bamboo gel is lightweight and isn’t comedogenic.
  • It leaves skin fresh, thus it’s perfect cosmetic for summer.
  • Bamboo gel serves oily skin best.
  • It soothes sunburned skin.

Bamboo gel: How do I use it?

  1. I treat bamboo gel as a day face serum, applying it prior to a face cream. It’s ideal if you’re looking for a makeup base alternative. I had an impression that aloe gel clumps on skin, creating small lumps, which isn’t the case with bamboo gel.
  2. I use bamboo gel in the summer as an after-sun cosmetic. It soothes skin and prevents irritations caused by sun overexposure.
  3. Even my feet benefit from bamboo gel. I use it as a lightweight chilling foot emulsion that protects the skin from scrapes.
  4. Since I’ve learnt that bamboo gel deals with cellulite, I apply it to my entire body. I don’t believe that you can get rid of cellulite without working out but I think that bamboo gel makes this battle for smooth skin easier.
  5. Whenever my hair needs humectants, I spread bamboo gel over the strands (from mid-lengths downwards).

What’s your way of using bamboo gel? Let me know if you’re satisfied with the effects bamboo gel has on your skin and hair.

Till next time!

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