Infinity Braid That Takes 60 Minutes!

Do you know what an infinity braid looks like?

I found out some time ago after seeing hundreds of infinity braid inspirations. If something is so popular, why not give it a try? I’ve got all I need (long hair) so let’s get down to it! The post will show you what the infinity braid is and the best methods to make it. Read on 🙂


Even if I did my best to describe the infinity braid on the blog, it would be hard. It is a version of French braid done at the top of head. At first sight, you can see that this complicated weave is much more difficult than the regular fishtail braid. The infinity braid is definitely the hottest hairstyle now. No celebrity would feel ashamed to appear on the red carpet wearing it.

Why infinity?

That’s simple. You braid one strand through three or four hair sections, looking like you create the infinity sign (8). I think the name – infinity braid – is on point.

American idea

Who invented the infinity braid? The American hairstylist – Megan Schipani – is the trendsetter of the hairstyle. Thousands of people visit her Instagram profile every day (@shmeggsadbaconn). The photo of this original hairstyle was first published on her insta. Megan admitted that she had been inspired by the international Toni&Guy London artist manager. She upgraded his version and called it the infinity braid.

#infinity braid

You will find the infinity braid inspirations under this hashtag. Instagram and all other social media are full of photos – their number reaches several thousand. The whole world is crazy about the infinity braid. Today, we can admire different versions of the hairstyle. There are also short Instagram videos showing this interesting hairdo in different ways.

How to make the infinity braid?

You need really long hair, preferably not layered (so that strands are smooth and stay in place). Braiding takes up to 60 minutes so you need patience as well. You can make the braid yourself but it would be much better if your friend, mum or grandma did it. Making the infinity braid is so hard that I can’t do it myself, I must see everything while braiding. There’s no point in writing it up so if you’re interested in the infinity braid, go to Instagram for lots of short tutorials.

Good luck with braiding! 🙂

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