Why I Like Sarah Jessica Parker Twilight Fragrance?

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I’d been looking for perfume that would be a perfect reflection of female nature. I didn’t want too sweet and girly or fruity and flowery aromas. I’d been searching for a sensual, warm and slightly mysterious fragrance. Finally, I stumbled upon Sarah Jessica Parker Twilight. It was a jackpot!

What’s the scent of Sarah Jessica Parker Twilight?

You can smell three fragrance notes. It’s a traditional perfume division, allowing for smelling all of the used aromas in different time periods. The American actress fragrance includes Pink pepper, Bergamot, Galbanum and Mandarine in the head notes (or top notes), Peony and Jasmine in the heart notes (middle notes), Amber, Sandalwood, Incense and Musk in the base notes (low notes). Which aromas are you going to smell first? I guess you’d like to check the scent of musk, amber or incense but you’ll smell the head notes first; they linger on the skin for about an hour. Next, you enjoy the heart notes whereas the base ones come as the last ones and last even up to several hours.

What does Twilight fragrance make me think of?

This scent was worth waiting for and finding at the least expected moment. Sarah Jessica Parker Twilight is truly sensual, seductive and sexy. On the other hand, it conceals some warmth and elegance. To me, it’s great for the autumn and winter evenings. Luckily, Twilight isn’t overwhelming or strong, therefore it works for the fans of subtle scents.

What does Sarah Jessica Parker perfume look like?

Twilight comes in a simple bottle with a white cap. The atomiser runs smoothly – sprays the perfume all over the entire body skin. Sarah Jessica Parker’s The Lovely Collection includes two more fragrances: the blue, flowery Dawn and pink, fruit and flowery Endless.

Have you used Sarah Jessica Parker Twilight? 

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