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Lashcode Mascara. You Won’t Resist It Either!

Have you found the ideal mascara? Hands up if you have a favourite. I guess you’re still looking for the one. That’s why you’re going to like today’s review. You probably haven’t heard about this novelty but let me tell you at the very beginning – this mascara has stolen my heart!

My eyelashes aren’t really problematic. They’re quite elastic and naturally curled up. Too bad they are so thin and so light that almost invisible, which is the most irritating.

What should a good mascara be like?

I always wanted a mascara to deliver a very natural eye definition. Dark, full and long eyelashes should complement make-up so a mascara must provide an amazing extension and volume boost. However, durability is the most important to me. Most mascaras that I’ve tested got useless after a few months of use – they strangely harden, clumping and sticking eyelashes. What if a product supported my lashes instead of weakening them? It would be a perfect mascara… just like Lashcode!

LASHCODE – mascara that knows the code to our hidden beauty ♥

I’ve been a happy owner of Lashcode for two months. I’d like to tell you about the cosmetic in the post. Does it live up to all of my expectations? Is it fit for both day and night make-up? Here’s my opinion on Lashcode mascara that I love.

Colour. Lashcode comes in one version – a beautiful intense black shade. It’s the deepness I’ve always desired. Other mascaras are charcoal grey, greyish and vague. Lashcode coats eyelashes with true blackness.

Formula. The mascara is velvety and has the right density so it’s so effective in make-up and smudge-free. Important! It’s the first mascara I’ve had in my hands that is still fresh after two months as it was after the first use.

Wand. The mascara offers a very flexible and matching-the-eye-shape silicone brush. From my experience, silicone applicators are the best ones as they give great combing and spread the right quantity of mascara so the effect isn’t exaggerated. Thanks to the narrowed end, you can coat even the shortest lashes in the eye corners.

Application. Owing to the velvety formula and precise wand, Lashcode is extremely easy to use. One layer is enough to define eyelashes. Two layers give more definition but the effect is still natural. The mascara is quickly applied with the guarantee of desired results.

Durability. Lashcode isn’t waterproof which is an asset to me. Despite not being waterproof, the mascara stays on lashes throughout the day and night (partying) without flaking. The effect on lashes doesn’t wear off; they are defined the same way. The mascara is easily washed off with a lightweight make-up remover.

Is there anything Lashcode has that other mascaras fail to have?

Sure, there is! Lashcode is the mix of an incredible mascara and eyelash serum, which was the biggest surprise. It’s composed of the set of nutrients that make an excellent support for eyelashes while wearing make-up. This is what makes Lashcode different from other mascaras.

What does Lashcode contain? Set of conditioning ingredients, including Soy Sprout Extract, Wheat Sprout Extract, Baicalin (Baikal Skullcap Extract), Pro-Vitamin B5, Vitamin E, Arginine, Beeswax, natural Corn Preservative.

How does the mascara care for eyelashes?

  • deeply repairs, strengthens and rebuilds,
  • ensures the right hydration,
  • delivers softness, elasticity and shine,
  • works as a mini protective shield for eyelashes,
  • prevents eyelash ageing and thinning,

Lashcode mascara - effects before and after

Summing up…

Lashcode is the first mascara that makes me sure I will look perfect and my make-up will be expressive, feminine yet natural. Amazingly, it also conditions my lashes that are healthier after removing make-up – smooth, elastic and shiny. In my opinion, Lashcode comes with an attractive price because you won’t find such a mix of quality and elegant design among drugstore products. If you want to find out if the things I write are true (they are), you can order Lashcode online. I think you’ll fall in love with the mascara as I have.

20 Comments “Lashcode Mascara. You Won’t Resist It Either!”

  1. Ivone J

    Awesome mascara! Even when applied few layers, no clumping and looks amazing. And it is sooo long-lasting. For me the best 😀

  2. DayZee

    it has very deep black color that does not fade. It’s the Lashcode that showed me how the million lash effect should really look like <3

  3. EveningFlower

    you had my curiosity, but now you have my attention 😀 I had no opportunity to try it but it will certainly my next purchase 😀

  4. Irma89

    I just got it and used couple of times but I’m satisfied. Covers great and 2 layers is enough for lashes to be dense and long. I’m counting it will not dryout after some time which happened to me in the past with some expensive mascara

    • EmilyEmily

      no worries 🙂 I had similar experience with other mascara, after a month these change consistency and started flaking and there was so much lumps. I have Lashcode for two months and nothing changed; it’s not thick but lasts very long. Cheers 😀

  5. Dottie23

    I came across this article cause I was looking for the perfect mascara. I haven’t met ona that would make lashes longer, thicker and does not clump lashes at the same time. I have very short eyelashes and many wands just don’t work,if only then silicon have a chance (big, hairy wands keep staining my eyelids). I am tempted to try this mascara

    • SiSi90

      I recommended it to you cause I also have short lashes, extensions are not for me, I am well aware that it weakens eyelashes, but this mascara provides extra length and dense eyelashes effect. The wand is amazing for the orders of the eyes. The only drawback is the price, but in general it may be the best mascara.

  6. Joan B

    I have not found my perfect mascara yet. Even when I think that I did, it soon is either pulled out of the market or something changes and it’s not as good as it was and for example, dries out too soon. This one might be good. I’m encouraged by your post, especially because you don’t recommend stinkers 😉 Hugs!

  7. Maroon

    It is the greatest wand I had ever seen. It covers lashes so well and there is clumps, seperates them really great. I say YES 😀 😉

    • AdelaDE

      nothing will ever convince me to use silicon wand!

  8. Bianco

    As for me it’s quite good mascara and i’m satisfied with it. There’s no allergy which is important for me. No smudging and is long-lasting and easy to remove with plain micellar liquid

    • Madeline

      *hey. i’m wondering if it’s really so easy to remove. gettin’ rid of mascara is always a problem :((( smudge all over the face and to even remove regular mascara, not waterproof, you need a bi-phased remover. Don’t get me started on the waterproof, dead loss. I had once really good bourjois mascara but removing it was a nightmare and I didn’t want to use it anymore

      • Bianco

        well, you have nothing to stress bout here, I use it with gentle micellar liquid

  9. Eveline

    quite good, but I think the cheaper ones are equally good or not far behind.

  10. Daydreaming

    Curl and length with this mascara is real nice and no clumps. I have super short and thin lashes and since I use this mascara, i’m not the only one to see the difference 🙂 it’s my first tube, but I’m thinking like sticking to is for longer

    • Sylviee88

      what about the efficiency???

      • Daydreaming

        I don’t know yet cause I use it for a month or so and I didn’t see it to run out this much

  11. m@rtini

    I used it once when my friend gave it to me for a try and it was quite okay but not good enough for me to buy it.

  12. Patricia.makeup

    It is good for now and I’m pleased with this mascara. The effect is great and there’s no allergy which is important to me. No smudges and long-lasting effect on lashes and o course is easy to remove with regular micellar liquid

  13. k.l

    I bought it out curiosity and this way found my favorite mascara 😀 My eyelashes are super black!


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