Let’s hide skin imperfections. Freedom System Camouflage with Inglot


Pigmentation marks, broken capillaries, dark circles under eyes and redness are familiar to every woman. Each one of us would like to remove them as fast as it is possible, or just hide them under make-up. No doubt, this tough task is now easier thanks to Inglot and its Freedom System.

Who can make a good use of Inglot concealers?

Basically, everyone who struggles with all various kinds of skin imperfections, from allergic rash, through dark circles under eyes and to either sun pigmentation marks or acne marks will make a good use of cosmetics by Inglot. What outcome can we count on? Thanks to Freedom System concealers skin texture becomes even, imperfections are visibly reduced (some of them almost completely invisible) as the entire complexion becomes more radiant and lightened up. Furthermore, if your skin is dehydrated or sensitive, the camouflaging products by Inglot are also designed for you. They neither irritate skin nor cause acne. In other words, you can apply them without hesitation.

What shades will you find in Freedom System palette?

Freedom System is a set of cases where you can place any cosmetic by Inglot. The products as well as the palettes feature in-built magnets. Once you use up a particular cosmetic, you can remove the packaging and insert a new one to enjoy the simplicity and convenience of use. This Freedom System is composed of 25 shades which camouflage different types of imperfections. I bet, you need the basic shades:

  • 101 (yellow) which camouflages redresses as well as all imperfections the shade of which is either blue or purple;
  • 102 (green) used to mask broken capillaries and red marks;
  • 103, 122 and 123 (peach-shaded) which highlight complexion and camouflage blue capillaries in the places where skin is really thin;
  • 104 (red) hides skin imperfection of people whose complexion is either yellow or dark;
  • 105 (orange) camouflages dark discolorations of people having either Asian or African beauty type.

How to apply Freedom System concealers by Inglot?

Apply shades 101-105 and 122-123 at the beginning of doing make-up to camouflage the skin imperfections. Then, follow with a concealer or a foundation that matches both your complexion shade and concealer. The remaining shades can be used accordingly to your own preferences and how obvious to see are the skin imperfections.

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