Peace Out Acne Healing Dots – Everyone Wants to Have Them

Any stunners in my daily skin care routine? Definitely! I’ve been using Peace Out Acne Healing Dots for some time. I got them from my sister and was quite sceptical at first but now… check if I liked the product. Enjoy the quick review!

Peace Out Acne Healing Dots is a simple anti-acne product. I guess I wouldn’t have used it if it wasn’t for my sister. She told me the cosmetic is a real stunner and sells out at an alarming rate. She says the cosmetic disappeared two weeks after being introduced to drugstores!

You stick Acne Dots to imperfections to reduce their visibility, heal them and soothe inflammation. This type of products aren’t new yet they’ve gained popularity thanks to Peace Out Acne Dots. Women start using them instead of masks, ointments and enzymatic scrubs for acne-prone skin. Is this acne strip stir justified? Are they worth using? I’ve tested them and share my thoughts.

Peace Out Acne Healing Dots

One packaging (btw, cool black and white cardboard box) holds 20 strips. They are round and small so you can stick it to a blemish. The colour of every strip is similar to the shade of skin. However, the manufacturer recommends overnight use to wake up with fresh and cleansed face. How does it work?

Acne Healing Dots are soaked with a large quantity of salicylic acid – known as an effective remedy for blemishes. The product is enriched with aloe and vitamin A. The first ingredient soothes irritations whereas the other one nourishes and brightens the skin. The combination delivers maximum effectiveness.

Do Peace Out Dots have any downsides?

Yes. To me, the price is a huge drawback (the strips are single-use). You should know they don’t make a good choice for those who struggle with lots of pimples. Acne Healing Dots work better if you’re bothered by acne breakouts from time to time.

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