Hair care of frizzy, damaged, curly and lacking volume hair

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Unfortunately, not all of us have a beautiful hair style. Most women have unruly, damaged and weak hair. Luckily, there are some simple methods which will make your strands strong, glossy and healthy. You will find all of them in my post. Read on!

Frizzy hair and flyaways

Hair is usually frizzy due to water and humidity that is absorbed from the environment. It is hair type difficult to style and with time becomes dry. Why does hair suffer from flyaways? The factors that have an impact on it are usually hats made with artificial fabric, heating and air conditioning along with wrong hair care. What should you do to prevent it? To reduce flyaways and frizzy hair, you will need… hand cream. Use a small amount of the cosmetic and your strands will be smooth and glossy. A great solution is to wash hair in cool water which will close hair cuticles and at the same time smoother the hair surface. For hair care use conditioners and hair masks and style hair right after washing it.

Lacking volume hair

Lack of volume is a problem of weak and oily hair. If you want to deal with this issue, visit the dermatologist who will prescribe you products able to reduce sebum secretion. Can you provide your hair with volume? Of course, you do. Use your everyday conditioner on ends alone. Brush your hair with a comb which is able to double your hair style volume. When you dry your hair, bend your head down and treat your hair roots with some volume foam.

Curly hair

Hair type extremely difficult in styling and care. In order to tame your hair, find a good hairdresser who will find the best cut and styling method for you. Try not to touch the hair as it increases fly-aways and loosens the coil. To towel dry the strands use a cotton towel or a cotton t-shirt which emphasise curls. Wash your hair once or twice a week and after each hair wash, use a moisturising conditioner. Rinse shampoo with cold water; never use hot water for hair wash as it will only increase frizz and oily scalp.

Dry and damaged hair

You probably damaged it with heat treatments. Perhaps it has something to do with improper care, frequent colour treatment, disease, diet, drugs or medication. How to take care of dry and damaged hair? On daily basis, use a leave-in conditioner and for the hair wash shampoo with proteins. If you use a blow-dryer, first apply heat protecting cosmetic.

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