How does my natural skin care routine look like?


Some time ago, I decided to give up my regular skincare routine in favor of natural skincare. Since then, I use more cosmetics that come straight from our Mather Nature and I limited use of drugstore products to the very minimum. How does my skincare look like today?

Traditional skincare vs natural skincare

I bet, skincare of most of you is based on very basic actions like daily cleanser, toner, moisturizer, and exfoliation once a week. All in all, it is good but you should consider introducing something new. The tips presented below may come handy.

1. Hydration

If every day you drink plain water, it’s great because it will have a highly beneficial impact on your organism, skin and internal organs. There’s one catch. If all you do is drinking water, you constantly feel like you have to go to the toilet. That’s not how it should be. In order to hydrate your organism the right way, you should drink water on a regular basis and eat healthily. On the latter, important is the content of omega 3.

2. Moisturize and exfoliate

Is your skin dry and irritated? Moisturizing alone won’t suffice. If you want your skin to be healthy and pretty once more, complement moisturizing with exfoliation. However, do not use scrubs which may cause more harm than you can expect. Instead, use cosmetics with fruit extracts that are known to dissolve the intercellular junctions leaving face smooth and healthy.

3. Use Humidifier

If you’re subjected to cold or dry air-con air, you should make sure that air humidity in the room you are in, is on the right level. You can get a humidifier or do it the traditional way. Just take a wet towel or a ceramic container filled with water and hang it on the radiator.

4. Moisturizers

You can use moisturizing face creams and lotions. Remember that there is a difference between the two products. The cream prevents water loss while lotion ensures glow. If you have dry skin, a better choice is to go for moisturizing cream.

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