Let’s buy make-up brushes. How to choose the right ones?

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High-quality make-up brushes set is a base for every good make-up. The accessories should be durable, made of high-quality materials and easy to use and clean. How to choose the right make-up brushes? I encourage you to read my article to know all about it.

The hard beginnings for something good

If you only start your adventure with make-up and you look for ways so that the cosmetic on your face look as good as possible, go for make-up brushes set. Analyse which make-up cosmetics you use most often and match accessories to it. You do not need to spend half your salary on professional brushes. Well, unless you want to. When choosing make-up accessories, pay attention to what it is made of and read the description on the packaging. Not always the accessories for the foundation will be suitable to spread it evenly. What is more, make-up brushes with natural bristle absorb much more of the cosmetic than the synthetic ones. However, the synthetic brushes may have an unpleasant smell and cause irritations.

Basic make-up brushes

These are brushes for the foundation and powder. The foundation brush should have dense and thick bristle or be soft and wide and cut at an angle. Remember that foundation should always be applied with the damp applicator because then it enters pores in skin better and provides better coverage. The second brush you will need for your make-up is a powder brush. The best would be an applicator with dense bristle that is able to spread cosmetic.

A pinch of colour

It is a task for contouring brushes. Use it to apply some bronzer, blusher and highlighter. How to match brushes with the cosmetics? The more pigmented cosmetic the more gentle brush you should choose. It will make blending and application of other make-up cosmetics easier. For face contouring are best angled brushes which allow you to apply cosmetic in one simple stroke.

Make-up brushes for eyes area

These are the smallest brushes in the set. For eye make-up, you will need: a pointy brush for lines, round brush and sponge brush for application and blending eye shadows. You can buy also brushes with wide and flat bristle for the entire eyelid.

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