Foundation – which one will be best for you?


In a tube, powder, with sunscreen or maybe all-natural? If you are also wondering which foundation will be best for you, read the text and you’ll know the answer. Have a look at my personal guidebook on foundations.

Which foundation to choose and how to do it?

When choosing a foundation, you should answer a few questions regarding the type of skin, the degree of coverage and the type of finish. Also, take into account that skin tone and condition change with the seasons and age. The foundation formula should be selected for both high and low temperatures. If your skin is dry, use cosmetics with the right ingredients. What’s more, remember that each foundation will react differently with the complexion, it would look different on it, and the shade of one brand does not have to be the same as the shade of the other manufacturers’.

Foundation vs. skin type

  • If you choose a good foundation, it will certainly take care of your complexion. That is why it is so important to determine the type of skin you have. The foundation for oily and combination skin should be smooth and have mattifying properties. Such a product has a light formula, facilitates obtaining the desired coverage and reduces the secretion of sebum. If the makeup finish is too matt, even with oily or combination skin, the cosmetic may emphasize dry skin and accumulate in fine lines.
  • A moisturizing foundation gives light and medium coverage and a natural finish. Such a product moisturizes the complexion, and thanks to the content of light reflecting particles, it makes the face radiant. Such a product is ideal for dry and normal skin; it will not work well for oily skin.
  • The foundation for mature skin allows to build up the coverage and at the same time takes care of the skin with wrinkles. It has a light formula that spreads well on the face, does not create streaks and does not collect in the hollows of the skin. Mature skin foundations contain brightening pigments and ingredients that treat the condition of the skin covered with wrinkles or senile discolouration.

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