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Nanobrow Serum. Does it work? My 4 weeks test

For four weeks now, I use Nanobrow serum. Today is the day I decided to share my effects of this month-long treatment with all of you. I already received some questions about whether it actually works, so it is about time for my brief review. 🙂

In The Beginning, There Was a Problem

I was never satisfied with how my eyebrows look like, even though I tried really hard to make them look better by using eyebrow pencil or wax. However, it mostly ended up in huge failure because let’s face it, it is difficult to draw a brow where there’s none and make the whole thing look natural on top of everything…

I decided to meet this problem head-on and do something about it. I learned about the existence of eyebrow serum which helps regenerate, make eyebrows thicker and fuller. The decision was made that I will give it a go.

Which eyebrow serum is the best?

First thing was to choose the right cosmetic. It is enough to type in ‘eyebrow serum’ in the search to get lost in hundreds of products, reviews, and offers. Therefore, I made a mini-ranking of eyebrow serums where I considered the pros and cons that repeat in all the reviews.

The winner was only one: Nanobrow serum.

I bought it, started using it and today, with all my resolve, I can confirm that all that I read was true. Nanobrow:

  • is the only such serum rich in plant extracts,
  • helps regenerate even extremely damaged eyebrows,
  • truly speeds up eyebrows growth, makes them thicker and fuller,
  • has composition free from parabens, artificial colorants, and fragrances,
  • is easy to apply because it is a light and colorless serum.

eyebrow growth products

Nanobrow Serum

What should you know before use?

At first glance: very elegant, black and silver serum with 5 ml capacity (more than with eyelash serum from the same brand). Inside: colorless liquid with texture allowing easy application and fast absorption. It is a highly efficient eyebrow serum provided by the convenient applicator.

You should pay some extra attention to the Nanobrow ingredients:

  • peptide substances for hair growth stimulation,
  • regenerative and strengthening duo in the form of soy and wheat germ extracts,
  • ginseng root extract with a lot of nourishing substances,
  • amino acids such as arginine,
  • panthenol necessary for the correct eyebrows growth,
  • baicalein which is deeply regenerating skullcap root extract.

The ingredients list is truly rich so no wonder that Nanobrow is one of the most often bought serums. It is the power of perfectly composed ingredients that you can feel on your own skin.

eyebrow conditioning serum nanobrow

TEST: 4 weeks of Nanobrow use

When entering the manufacturer’s website you can read that Nanobrow serum is supposed to provide even double density in 30 days. I decided to use Nanobrow serum on a regular basis, daily, just as the flayer recommends it for a month and… well, see what happens.

The first use wasn’t a problem. I removed my make-up, applied the serum on the eyebrows and waited for it to absorb. The entire thing lasted less than a minute and I could go to sleep.

The first results appeared around the 6th day as that was the time when I noticed that during make-up removal there were fewer eyebrows to fall out. I had huge problem with falling out eyebrows that is why to me personally it was a positive surprise.

The first week was the time where I was awaiting the change, so I was agitated constantly and looked in the mirror every chance I got to see if my eyebrows changed even a bit. I noticed that my eyebrows became slightly darker and more glossy.

The first new brows were to observe around week two. It was a breaking point for me when I saw that small hair in the areas where previously only skin was.

The first plucking was around 3,5 weeks. I could allow myself for it because thanks to Nanobrow serum my eyebrows became truly dense, thick and dark. The deficits were all nearly gone and the eyebrows were way more defined so I had to take care of their proper shape. Previously, I couldn’t do it as there were too few brows.

The first time going out without any eyebrows make-up was after I finished a month’s treatment. My eyebrows are finally gorgeous!

nanobrow best eyebrow serum


For me, Nanolash serum worked wonders but it all depends on the expectations and the state eyebrows are at the beginning of the treatment. I know that the Nanobrow serum is simply the best and I encourage you to test it yourself.

Where did I buy Nanobrow serum and how much did it cost?

If you’re interested, go to Nanobrow serum official website (– that is where I got mine) – that is where you also find all prices and more information about the product.

19 Comments “Nanobrow Serum. Does it work? My 4 weeks test”

  1. Jessica

    At first there’s always a problem, if only the solution was as simple as Nanobrow each time, then every story would endded in happy ending! <3

  2. Nathalie Winsdor

    Don’t get Revitabrow! Costs a lot but has no effects!

    • Veronica17

      I used Revitabrow. Total failure… I switched to nanobrow and can finally say that I found a serum that actually makes eyebrows more dense 🙂

      • Peony

        Neither revitabrow nor orphica brow worked for my brows… i test nanobrow for a few days but I’m hopeful after this review!

  3. Hermione

    Brilliant! In 3 weeks my brows look better than ever!

  4. k.iss

    It’s the most expensive cosmetic in my bag… but worth every penny!

  5. Suzie Whiteflower

    What ingredients such action and here these are mega!

  6. s.darren

    Good composition? Anyone?

    • Aisha

      The best! Lots of extracts, no parabens, silicones and other yuckiness

  7. LikeIt!

    Nice change after revitabrow that somehow did not work for my brows…

  8. zombie_girl

    Just got one!!!! It is good to read that it works. I haven’t wasted my money and my brows will look perfect <3

  9. marcella1982

    Have it, use it, love it. Just 2 weeks and brows got thicker. No other serum works this fast!

  10. Blogger

    This is the most popular and effective brow serum. All bloggers love it

  11. ThinBrows

    Gosh, you save my life, finally something that can save my sparse brows. getting one now!

  12. Alice Mer.

    My brows look terrible due to permanent make-up. Pigment faded and I’m left with thin caterpillars. Can I use Nanobrow after permanetnt make-up???

  13. Alex

    how much does it cost?

  14. Meggie

    I can confirm Nanobrow action, had problem with deficits in brows. I got serum and applied it daily and after two weeks Nanobrow showed me what it can do. Now my brows are awesome and I have plenty time in the morning as I don’t have to waste it for make-up of brows!

  15. Izzy M

    its difficult to draw a brow were there is none haha I know it all too well…

  16. Expert

    To me Nanobrow is the best choice, I checked many offers and I think that its the best quality for the best price. Effectivness is amazing, works great and regenerates brows, improves general appearance of brows, lasts for a long time… What else could you want!


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