My new anti-age cream Galenic, Secret D’Excellence


I can’t deny it, my skin has been ageing and soon, I know it, I’ll notice the first fine lines. For that reason, I decided to get an anti-age cream to protect myself against the first signs of passing time. I’ve chosen Secret D’Excellence by Galenic.

A few words from the producer about Secret D’Excellence

The producer claims that every woman, regardless of her age, will feel young and beautiful after applying Secret D’Excellence cream. Therefore, Galenic equipped the cosmetic with additional substances which are included in the composition to take care of face skin. The formula of the product was developed in such a way to facilitate application significantly. Moreover, once put on the face, the product is almost insensible.

What does Secret D’Excellence by Galenic contain?

The main ingredient of the product is Snow Algae that helps preserve youthful appearance of skin. Moreover, the cream features vitamins B3, E and C which highlight and even skin tone. Also, the very substances protects dermis against free radicals. Hyaluronic acid is yet another substance added to this cream. Its action can be described as hydrating and restoring the right density to skin. Secret D’Excellence by Galenic also contains powders which mattify skin and provide flawless finish. I should also point your attention to aroma the cosmetic has. When you get your nose close to Secret D’Excellence jar, you will sense notes of convallaria, rose, blackcurrant blossoms.

How did I apply the cream and what were the effects I observed?

Every morning and evening I put Secret D’Excellence by Galenic to my cleansed skin of face, neck and cleavage. Sometimes I treated the cosmetic as a make-up base and I consider Secret D’Excellence as a good product which knows how to deal with this task. I have to tell you that right after applying the cosmetic my face was smooth and well-hydrated. I also noticed that the pigmentation marks became lighter and fine lines on my forehead were less noticeable. Am I going to keep applying Secret D’Excellence by Galenic? Of course, I am! And I can suggest you to use it as well.

Please, tell me whether you observed any positive outcomes delivered by Secret D’Excellence by Galenic.

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