Skin Hydration & Matte? It’s Possible with Sisley Soin Matifiant Hydratant Aux Resines Tropicales


I’d been wondering if there’s a product that moisturises and mattifies at the same time. It turned out that Sisley came up with such a cosmetic – Soin Matifiant Hydratant Aux Resines Tropicales. Am I satisfied with the product’s effects?

Who do I recommend the product to and how does it work?

Soin Matifiant Hydratant Aux Resines Tropicales is intended for oily and combination skin. Thanks to the double action, Sisley product regulates the function of sebum glands and prevents the unwanted shine. It’s composed of natural ingredients that keep the face skin in shape. Soin Matifiant Hydratant Aux Resines Tropicales ensures a several-hour matte effect and reduces the shiny T-zone. The skin is hydrated, elastic and soothed. Interestingly, after using the product for a month, the skin is noticeably healthier and more beautiful, the skin pores are less visible whereas the sebum secretion is reduced.

What is Sisley product composed of?

Soin Matifiant Hydratant Aux Resines Tropicales includes natural substances that make sure the skin is nourished. Benzoin extract purifies; Myrrh and Incense extract soothes the skin; Marsh Mallow extract moisturises, D-Panthenol calms the skin; Bamboo Powder gives a matte effect; Burdock extract cleanses; Glycerol maintains the hydration; Alchemilla smoothes the skin.

How to apply the product and what effects to expect?

The product is applied in the morning and evening to the clean skin of face and neck. After the very first use, you see the skin isn’t shiny yet it’s hydrated. The effect lasts all day long and your makeup needs no touch-ups. The product’s free of oils, it’s non-comedogenic and safe for all skin types.

Have you tested Sisley mattifying and moisturising product?

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