Boho Waves or Surfing Girl Hairstyle? Nothing Easier!


You will put blow-dryers and curling wands away once I tell you how to do surfer waves and a romantic boho style hairdo. I’ve discovered an excellent method and have been using it a lot. It always works and I use it freely every day. I mean it!


Boho hairstyle and surfing girl waves must be a bit messy. Before styling, wash the scalp and squeeze out the excess of water with a cotton or paper towel. Your new hairdo will dry… by itself. Blow-dryers, diffusers and other heat styling devices will be useless. Instead, prepare a cotton t-shirt or towel, a wide-tooth comb and styling product. You’ll need them for creating the waves.

Boho or surfing girl waves

Detangle your hair with the wide-tooth comb. If you leave at least one tangle, your hairstyle won’t look as cool as you thought. What’s next? Rub a bit of the styling product into strands. John Frieda Frizz Ease Dream Curls Air-Dry Waves works best. If you want to boost volume, apply the product from roots to ends. Your hair is dry and dull? Spread the cosmetic onto the parts of hair that lack moisture. You can rub the foam using the cotton t-shirt or towel for better effects.

How to create the waves? Grab damp strands in a loose braid or bun at the back of your head. The trick works for static and frizzy hair. Leave your strands this way for 20 minutes so they dry naturally. Next, let your hair down and gently run through strands with fingers. As a finish touch, apply the serum for strong hold and shine boost. Your new hairstyle is complete!

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