Because Natural is Always Best! Cosmetics From Nature For Your Health and Beauty

Hello!  We are all aware of the fact that all natural things are best for our body both from the outside and from within. Therefore, many people are more willingly reaching for cosmetics that are of natural origins. Do you prefer a product with fewer ingredients that are all-natural rather than a popular cosmetic with advanced substances created in laboratories? I am not surprised! Today’s[…]

Why I Like Sarah Jessica Parker Twilight Fragrance?

Hi, girls! I’d been looking for perfume that would be a perfect reflection of female nature. I didn’t want too sweet and girly or fruity and flowery aromas. I’d been searching for a sensual, warm and slightly mysterious fragrance. Finally, I stumbled upon Sarah Jessica Parker Twilight. It was a jackpot! What’s the scent of Sarah Jessica Parker Twilight? You can smell three fragrance notes.[…]

Scrub different than others? Exfoliating powder Purete Sublime by Galenic

Hello! Freeing my skin from dead epidermis cells is important to me. I was using so many various cosmetics that I find it difficult to recollect their names. Lately, I’ve purchased a new product which doesn’t resemble any of the beauty products I’ve ever applied. It’s exfoliating powder Purete Sublime by Galenic. Can powder exfoliate? Undoubtedly, Purete Sublime by Galenic holds this power. At the[…]

My new anti-age cream Galenic, Secret D’Excellence

Hello! I can’t deny it, my skin has been ageing and soon, I know it, I’ll notice the first fine lines. For that reason, I decided to get an anti-age cream to protect myself against the first signs of passing time. I’ve chosen Secret D’Excellence by Galenic. A few words from the producer about Secret D’Excellence The producer claims that every woman, regardless of her[…]

The world’s most expensive cosmetics which I’ll never own: Models Own, Guerlain, DKNY and La Praire

Hello! Usually, while buying a beauty product, we take into consideration its composition, features and price. And what if we went crazy and followed the price only, and the highest one, to be more precise? No doubts, we would indebt ourselves. Anyway, there are such cosmetics that cost a packet. To say more, there are women who buy such products. This is madness! My today’s[…]