Nanoil favourite face serum with retinol

A Few Words about Retinol & Review of Nanoil Retinol Face Serum

The autumn and winter are the best seasons for retinol treatments. If you had no idea about that, you should definitely keep reading because I will go through vitamin A today.

I will also review a Nanoil Retinol Face Serum.

First things first though…

Properties of retinol. Do you know them?

Simply put, retinol is vitamin A. That is what most of you are probably aware of. Few of you know its properties, though.

Generally, retinol is recommended for antiaging treatments because it is able to slow down the skin aging process. It does much more, though. It is also used in acne therapy because it has an exfoliating effect and normalizes the function of sebum glands. Retinol additionally improves the production of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid, therefore, it restores skin’s smoothness, elasticity and lovely shine. Wrapping up: it is an irreplaceable vitamin!

Retinol in a face serum: yes or no?

Retinol is very common in beauty salons, and it is one of the most popular antiaging ingredients.

However, this doesn’t mean you can’t use it at home. You can do that and I definitely encourage you to do so. All you need is a suitable product. Retinol face serum is definitely the one.

Why is a face serum the best carrier for retinol? There are two reasons.

  1. Serum penetrates more deeply than a moisturizer so it is the most intensive and the most effective face care product giving long-term results.
  2. In a face serum, the concentration of retinol is low enough to be non-irritative and high enough to be effective.

The best retinol face serum: Nanoil

I chose a Nanoil Retinol Serum after having it recommended at the beauty salon where I have a revitalizing facial done regularly. My beautician knew I had been struggling to get rid of dark spots and keep the complexion healthy, especially in the winter, so she recommended a product she believed would help me.

Nanoil Retinol Face Serum is a water-based, lightweight, non-greasy and non-overburdening formulation, which smells nice and is absorbed very fast.

It is based on 3% pure retinol in one of the best forms, and enriched with Punarnava extract having antioxidant properties. They make a really cool skin-conditioning duo.

The serum can be used just once a day before sleep and after make-up removal.

What does the Nanoil Retinol Face Serum do?

The best thing about this serum is it starts changing the skin from the very first use. The face gets so fresh and soft while the awful tight feeling and dryness are gone.

This effect will mostly appeal to all those who have problematic, sensitive or acne skin: Nanoil Retinol Face Serum brings relief.

The most important effects of regular use of the serum:

  • less noticeable, reduced pigmentation spots
  • skin’s smoothing effect and elasticity boost
  • visibly improved face shape
  • even skin tone and beautiful shine

Nanoil Retinol Face Serum is a product that allowed me to get healthy skin back. My acne has faded almost completely and the acne marks are barely visible. My face looks more supple and radiant and I replaced the full-coverage foundation with a BB cream.

Do I recommend it? Sure!

I believe it’s the best retinol serum you can buy these days.

If any of you are interested in trying one, I suggest checking the official product site because you can get Nanoil Retinol Face Serum there for a good price, but most of all, you can read more on the product.

Till next time!

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