7 SINS: How NOT to take care of hair. You will be surprised!

The truth is, there is no such thing like various hair types. There is just one hair type – healthy hair. All the rest is just the aftermath of mistreating the strands. And everyone knows this. Still, we keep making the same mistakes following bad hair care habits and causing damage. Later we say: “Oh, my hair is awfully oily.” Yeah, right. To offer some help to your hair, first you must learn the deadly sins of hair care. Sometimes even a small change may significantly improve the condition of the hair. Keep reading to learn what your hair DISLIKES.


1. Treating hair with ill-matched cosmetics

The classics! Because Annie/Katy/Pam uses this conditioner and she has stunning hair so I’ll get this cosmetic too…. and then it turns out that her hair is wavy or curly but yours is thick and oily. This isn’t – dear ladies – how proper hair maintenance procedures should look like. Therefore, if you want to find out how and what to use to take good care of the hair, start with doing a hair porosity test first – you can easily find it online. The result will tell you a lot about your strands and it will give you a few tips on how to satisfy their needs. However, if you experience serious problems with the hair and/or scalp, better visit a trichologist.

2. Wrong way of washing hair

Washing hair correctly may be tough. Reportedly, most of us do this mundane activity wrongly. How come? For example, you use water that is too hot, work the entire hair length instead of focusing on the scalp only. You should allow the lather to run down the hair freely instead of trying to clean it. The only exception concerns long hair – when you wash it, you can apply a small dollop of a shampoo to the middle-length too. When it comes to the water, it’s definitely better to use lukewarm water, never too hot or too cool. Finally, the conditioner. You should apply it from the ear-level downwards. If you apply it to the scalp, you will end up with oily and even irritated scalp.

3. Tangling hair

And this is the very thing you should steer clear of. When tangled and knotted, hair may change its texture, and this change is often irreversible. Comb the hair gently prior to washing and remember not to knead or twist it while shampooing. Gentle treating also applies to the freshly washed hair – neither jerk nor tug it. Remove the excess water by squeezing it out with a towel and then run a wide-tooth comb through the damp hair. Again, be gentle!

4. Too frequent hair dyeing

Washing hair every day deprives the strands of protective lipid coat. And this is the most common reason of seborrhea. The scalp produces oil to shield itself from dehydration. Additionally, frequent hair washing is also connected with blow-drying and styling, which again isn’t beneficial for the strands.

5. Wrong way of blow drying

While bringing up the blow drying, bear in mind that the hair dislikes this styling tool strongly. Actually, we’re the only ones liking it because a blow-dryer allows us to style the hair fast so we can look our best (or at least normal)… but the strands don’t tolerate high temperatures well – 40 degrees Celsius is already too hot for the hair since this is when the water escapes the hair shaft. Frequent blow drying = hair as dry as a bone. Therefore, if you have to speed up the drying process, use either lukewarm or cool air stream.

6. Following an unbalanced diet

Eating the same food products constantly leads to vitamin and mineral insufficiency which has a negative effect on our entire body, including the hair. Do you know, my dear readers, that weak, thin and dull strands are the consequence of vitamin A and D, B-group, biotin, iron and zinc shortages? Just start eating the food products containing the very minerals and vitamins or start exposing the strands to hair oil treatment. After all, natural oils are the rich source of vitamins too.

7. Ignoring hair problems

If you’re certain that you don’t make any of the above-mentioned mistakes, yet your hairdo looks bad (to say the least), you definitely shouldn’t ignore this. Perhaps your body has a problem with hormones – you should check it.

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