How to take care of your beauty during summer? A handful of useful tricks

Hello girls,

today I’m going to tell you a little bit about my body and hair care during the summer. I love testing new cosmetics and I’m a real maniac when it comes to new beauty solutions. However, I’m not going to explore this subject today since today I’m sharing with you my patents on how to feel fresh and beautiful during the holiday season. Here are the methods which, I’m sure, you’re going to find useful. If you gave a go to some of them, please notify me about this below! 🙂

DIY | Freshening up Power

Mists have their advantages and I love using it during the summer. Sadly enough, they won’t absorb the excess of sebum that has accumulated on our skin surface. All it can do is delivering temporary moisturisation unlike homemade powder. This product will provide you with its long-term action.

How to make freshening up powder deodorant?

Mix white clay with potato starch (keep 1:8 proportions), add a little bit of alum (can be scrubbed out from a stick) and a few drops of essential oils (I like grapefruit and green tea essential oils).

How to use the freshening up powder during summer?

First of all, I suggest using this homemade cosmetic only when wearing white clothes because it’s fairly easy to stain your outfit with the powder. I put a little bit of this powder onto the palm of my hand and rub into the body parts that sweat most, for example, armpits and the breast area. I assume many of you will perceive application troublesome, especially at the beginning but, believe me, the results are worth this.

Gold Oil

In the main, our leg skin is way paler than other body parts that are frequently exposed to the sun (shoulders, cleavage, face). Therefore, when we put on shorts or a skirt, the difference doesn’t look good. This makes us reach for self-tanning creams or spray on tights. Unfortunately, these methods don’t pass exam when the temperature outside is really high – the smudges on legs guaranteed.

Oil as an alternative to self-tanning cream

Natural oils, for example Nuxe, that have brown shade and feature sparkling particles are the perfect method to bring out tan and gift skin with natural shade of tanned colour. Also, such products will provide skin with moisturisation.

Heart-Shaped UV Patch La Roche Posay

As the last one, let me introduce you a summer gadget which many people, especially those who love spending long hours outside, might find very useful. What’s important, we can order it completely free from official LRP website. I’m talking now about heart-shaped UV Patch which has to be attached to a body skin, and to be more precise, to some visible place (I stick it to the dorsal part of my hand). Next, I have to scan it with my mobile application to have the possibility to control my body exposition to the sun. This application informs when it’s the high time to hide our skin from the sun and apply another layer of a sunscreen. I highly recommend it just for the sake of your safety!

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