I did my lips with Glamglow, Plumprageous Lip Treatment. What happened?


Matte, metallic and shimmering. This is how I can describe the newest lip glosses by Glamglow, Plumprageous Lip Treatment. I was lucky to use a few shades, and I did this for various events. Did the cosmetics pass the test? Let me invite you to read my entry on this.

Plumprageous Lip Treatment lip glosses by Glamglow

Glamglow brand offers three types of lip glosses delivering various types of finish: matte, metallic and shimmering. The lip glosses giving matte finish are available in five shades: Unsolicited, Body Double, Stacked, Psycho, Clear. When it comes to metallic finish, it’s provided by two shades only: Lusty and Suggestive. Shimmering glosses are available in four shades: A-List, Screen Kiss, Triple-X and Clear.

How did I use Glamglow lip glosses?

First of all, the lip glosses feature a very precise applicator which made it easy for me to apply the cosmetic and do make-up in general. All you have to do is apply it to the lips and wait a while until it settles. Let me tell you something, I frequently apply Glamglow lip glosses on a lipstick. Naturally, I always do my best to match colours of both products. When I needed the lip glosses to stay long on, a day before I had performed lip scrub. I mixed sugar with honey and then rubbed sweet homemade scrub into my lips. Effect? My lips were smooth and supple. The lip make-up held the entire day.

Plumprageous Lip Treatment by Glamglow

Glamglow lip glosses have cream consistency and are recommended to all skin types. They make lips smooth and more beautiful, that’s for sure. I can also say that these cosmetics are perfect for daily make-up as well as evening ones. Basically, metallic and shimmering lip glosses deliver lip-enhancing effect. When it comes to matte lip gloss, it will give you the effect of the most trendy lips in this season.

My favourite Glamglow lip glosses are…

… the brightest shades with pink finish. I used beige Unsolicited in its matte version, metallic Lusty and shimmering Clear. Sometimes, I added a colourless lip gloss to Unsolicited. Thanks to this, my lips were more shiny and seemed to be bigger.

What are your favourite lip glosses?

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