Wrinkles? No, Thank You! Skin-Absolute Night Takes Care of my Skin


No one likes to see first wrinkles on their skin. That’s why I decided to take Mother Nature over and bought Filorga Skin-Absolute Night Cream. How is my latest purchase doing? See for yourselves!

What are the effects of using Filorga Cream?

The product is versatile. It smoothes wrinkles and makes the face skin younger and more beautiful. Firmness and the proper density are restored. As a result, the face shape is improved whereas collagen fibers are regenerated. Skin-Absolute Night Cream brightens pigmentation spots and evens out the skin tone, too. The facial skin is illuminated, fresh and more radiant. What’s the best thing? The skin gets repaired at night and looks a few years younger in the morning.

What’s the composition of Skin-Absolute Night Cream?

Meteorite powder is the most interesting ingredient. Together with the Brown Alga Extract, it irons wrinkles and rebuilds the skin. Collagen and hyaluronic acid ensure the right skin elasticity. Vitamin C is responsible for illuminating the face and removing discoloration. Shortly put, Skin-Absolute Night Cream takes years away and we look and feel younger.

How to use Filorga Cream?

The cream must be applied to the clean and dry skin of face, neck and cleavage every evening. For better absorption, massage the skin for a moment while applying the product, using circular motions. The massage’s going to make the cream work faster and improve the blood flow. Your face will be tightened, strikingly younger-looking and will have a nicer color. If you want similar skin care during the day, go for Skin-Absolute Day Cream. Apart from anti-aging ingredients, the product includes UV filter, Hyaluronic Acid and White Sapphire that brighten, moisturise and firm the skin up.

Do you know Filorga? What are your favorite beauty products?

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