Which cosmetics containing UV filters do I choose?

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It goes without saying that we must remember to protect our skin against the sun all year long. This means that even during winter we should apply sunscreens. Which cosmetics can provide us with the complete protection against the sun rays? You’ll find the answer in my entry.

Colour cosmetics featuring UV filters

Although colour cosmetics won’t replace professional sunscreens, there are girls who willingly use such products. If you don’t like the creams which make your skin look slightly whiter, give a try to foundations and powders containing UV filters. However, bear in mind that SPF 10 doesn’t pose the most adequate protection against the sun. Also, you won’t win the protection by applying a few layers of a foundation nor the additional coat of a powder. Why it that? The answer is simple, the factors the cosmetics feature don’t sum up. Besides, the thick layer of a foundation might damage your complexion.

Mineral foundations

In my opinion, these are the best and the safest foundations you can apply to your skin. They contain physical filters (zinc oxide and titanium dioxide) that protect face skin against UV radiation. Moreover, mineral cosmetics contribute to relieving inflammations, are good at mattifying shiny skin, and hiding imperfections. My favourite are Lily Lolo and Annabelle Minerals. The products contain mica and natural colourants only; you won’t find there talc nor other substances which may dehydrate skin.

Foundations and powders

Both foundations and powders feature a low, very basic sun protection factor. The great advantage of powders is that you can add an extra layer or touch up the make-up during day by using this very product. Some of them contain peptides and vitamins as well as some of them carry hipoalergic and anti-oxygenating features. When it comes to the foundations, they deliver skin brightening, camouflage skin imperfections and even skin tone.

Natural anti-oxidants

When talking about sun protection, anti-oxidants play a crucial role here. They counteract premature ageing and discolouration appearance. Also, they preserve the youthful look of skin for a very long time. Effective anti-oxidants can be found in fresh fruit and vegetables, green tea, fish, herbs and red wine.

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