OMG! Korean face mask Double Dare 4 in 1 Zone System Mask

Hello Girls,

Face masks are the perfect and quick way to condition any possible skin types. Recently, I have tested OMG! 4 in 1 Zone System Mask by Korean brand Double Dare. I also bought this Mega Hair Band in a black colour. How does the entire set serve me?

OMG, how good the mask is!

The Double Dare set contains three face masks and a moisturising cream. These are under eye pads with 24-carat gold, charcoal face mask for T-zone and kaolin clay masks for cheeks and chin. This cosmetic is designed for all skin types. Double Dare brand has also launched 2 in 1 Bubbling Detox Maicrofiber and 3 in 1 Peel Off Mask.

How does 4 in 1 Zone System Mask by Double Dare work?

I like the fact that each of the face masks works differently because they satisfy needs of various face parts. To clarify, eye pads nourish thin and sensitive skin. Also, the masks smooth wrinkles, lighten dark circles up, regenerate and camouflage signs of fatigue. Charcoal mask cleanses forehead and nose, limits sebum production and counteracts acne. Kaolin clay mask makes skin more supple, tones dermis as well as regenerates cheek and chin. When it comes to the moisturising cream, it maintains hydration of dermis after using all the masks.

How to apply OMG! face masks?

At the beginning, cleanse the complexion and do peeling. Thanks to this, you’re going to intensify action of face masks. Then, apply the under eye pads containing gold particles; adjust them well since they have to abut skin tightly. Coat forehead and nose with charcoal mask and then apply mask to U-zone (cheek and chin). Let all the cosmetics sit for 15 minutes and rinse afterwards. At the end, follow with a moisturising cream. If you don’t want your hair to impede the procedure, put on the Mega Hair Band with OMG! inscription on it. I bet, you will like this big bow.

Have you already given a go to OMG! face masks by Double Dare?

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