Print your make-up out! Panasonic is working on new tech. Will make-up printer bring about a revolution in cosmetic market?


You know what? There is a new make-up printer coming out soon! This idea was launched by Panasonic brand, which has already prepared a demonstration model of this device. How does it work and is it effective? All make-up lovers will find this soon.

How does Panasonic make-up printer work?

You have to sit in front of a big, backlit mirror. Certainly, it isn’t just any regular mirror that each of us has at home. The one used to print make-up out is interactive and analyses face with deadly precision. It’s said to detect all possible skin imperfections: ranging from tiny discolorations and fine lines through broken capillaries to widespread and dark marks left by acne or caused by long sunbathing. In other words, the mirror analyses all skin imperfections and transmits the information to the printer.

Is printed-out make-up really that good?

It takes 2 minutes for Panasonic device to print make-up out. This printer generates thin slips featuring corrective make-up on them. Obviously, the shades of cosmetics match complexion of every user. At first glance, everything looks just superb. However, there is just one BUT. Printed-out make-up has to get dry before you can proceed with applying it to face. And this lasts… 24 hours. Therefore, if you want to wear perfect make-up, you need to start ‘producing’ it a day before an event. The last piece of information is that the lifespan of the printed-out cosmetics holds approximately 20 hours.

How to apply make-up printed out thanks to Panasonic device?

When the stripes with make-up become dry, you need to attach them to your face. A single printout contains a combination of a foundation, concealer and other cosmetics which are to hide skin imperfections. There is no need in fixing the make-up with powder or mist. Finally, cosmetics bond with water located in our epidermis well.

By the way, I’m wondering what another tech deceive will be invented soon? What do you think?

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