The best matte lipsticks I’ve ever used!

Liquid? Stick? Beige or blood red? Here is a short list of the best matte lipsticks I had the possibility to test. I’m sure that the supporters of satin and elegant make-up without exaggerated shine will be delighted with it. I wrote a few words that, to me, perfectly depict each of the matte beauty product. Enjoy!

First and foremost, mat has been ruling continuously for a few seasons now.

Personally, I’m not surprised by it at all. I love the cosmetics delivering matte finish myself. Of course, I tolerate subtle shine providing it regards a highlighter and the middle part of my eyelids. To me, when shine is used in galore, it doesn’t look good, therefore I prefer matte lipsticks over lip glosses. I’m sure that those of you who follow my entries already know that.

Matte lipstick that… doesn’t make lips dry. Exists?

The most frequently occurring problem connected with matte lipsticks is that they make lips dry. They bring out lip creases, gather in the corners of lips and make our lips look more like a dried plump.

However, this isn’t always the lipstick’s fault! If you buy a cheap Chinese knock-off then you can expect it to dehydrate your lips, no doubts about this. However, a high quality matte lipstick should be made from substances that replenish skin with water and help maintain lips smooth. Owing to this, the effect you achieve on your lips isn’t this lip-dehydrating flat matt but enhanced, velvet and truly effective matte finish which adds charm to every type of make-up.


Which matte lipsticks can I recommend with my clear conscience? Not necessarily the expensive and luxurious ones, nor the ones which commercials and ads we come across the most frequently. More important than hype is the colour saturation, lifespan and extra conditioning properties. Here are my favourites!

1. MAC, Amplified Creme Lipstick Impassioned

The brand beloved by make-up artists, MAC, has in its offer something matte. Among seven various variations of MAC Impassioned Lipstick – matte, satin, amplified creme, frost, glaze, lustre and cremesheen – my fav is the matte one. I trust this cosmetic entirely, including its lifespan, pigmentation, etc. This lipstick by MAC has both creamy consistency and the form of a convenient to use stick. It doesn’t glide on lips uncontrollably and leaves lips intensively coloured without overburdening them. Once applied, it creates the feeling of moisturised lips and just one glide is all it takes to make your lips perfectly covered with the beauty product. Drawbacks? Sadly, this matte lipstick by MAC… leaves stains on glasses unless we hit the excess off using a tissue. Indeed, this is a solution but on the other hand we don’t always have time to do this, and after taking into consideration the cost of the lipstick, I guess, they should do something about this issue and fix it. All the more so that this lipstick is marvellous!

2. Golden Rose, Longstay Liquid Matte Lipstick

Fairly cheap (I guess even the cheapest on this list), yet absolutely not worse than its competitors matte lipstick. Golden Rose Longstay provides lips with a clearly defined colour. You don’t need anything more than just a thin layer of this lipstick that covers lips with a velvet colour. Without this redundant shine, sticky layer and lip dehydration, but with an even effect. This highly convenient applicator and lightweight consistency make that Golden Rose Longstay is the first matte lipstick that covered my lips with a satin coat and was really pleasant to wear. I guess I can say that I use it almost every day because it endures even a quick meeting with a hamburger when I’m in a rush.

3. Eveline Cosmetics, Long Lasting Formula Velvet Matt

Matte lipstick by Eveline is a satisfactory solution for those who expect good lip make-up that is fairly durable and aesthetic, and of course not for an exorbitant price. I truly like this lipstick Long Lasting Formula in its Chocolate Red shade (my favourite one), although I have to admit that my first encounter with this cosmetic wasn’t successful. I couldn’t apply the product precisely and till now I’m not quite sure what was the reason: was it the rather runny consistency, the applicator which I find not precise enough, or maybe the fact that I had been at a party the previous day and my hands were shaking. Thus, I had to do a few touch-ups. However, with time I got along with this lipstick. Simply, you have to learn how to apply it.

4. NARS, Audacious Lipstick

Many bloggers recommend NARS colour cosmetics, however, I was always rather sceptical when it comes to these products. You will probably ask why. There is one simple reason: I’m really terrified by the thought that I could spend as much money on cosmetics as on jewellery… Probably due to this very fact, the high price, matte lipsticks by NARS aren’t so popular, yet I decided to give a try to one of them, just out of sheer curiosity. Audacious Lipstick is a very creamy and well-pigmented lipstick. The truth is, just one hand motion is all it takes to make lips evenly coated with this product – without show-throughs, blemishing cut-offs, or dried lips. When it comes to the lifespan – I’m truly shocked because matte NARS lipstick doesn’t smudge while eating, and if it somehow starts wearing off, it does it really… hm… evenly. There are neither clear to see nor blemishing show-throughs.

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