Best brow mascaras - ranking

My best brow mascaras – ranking. Which mascara do I recommend?

Hey, girls! Today’s post is all about brow makeup. You often ask me whether there is a recommended brow mascara that, in my opinion, gives the best makeup effects, is long-wear and of great quality. I’m certain you don’t really have time for scrolling through hundreds of websites and reading cosmetics reviews. That’s why I created a ranking of the best brow mascaras for you. Check it out and choose the best one for yourselves!

Is using brow mascara worth it?

Of course! <3 Obviously, I know that choosing brow products is a personal matter because some like the pomade effect best, while others prefer a powdery finish created by eyebrow powders. It’s clear that every makeup fan likes something different, however, the formula and the specifics of brow mascara result in a product right for everyone. It works for every brow type, regardless of their type, thickness or density. Brow mascara is great when used solo for brow makeup – it doesn’t need any other products and delivers a lovely effect of emphasized, accentuated and combed eyebrows.

However, its advantage is that it can be a fantastic finishing step for any brow makeup: no matter if you used a powder, pomade or pencil. Brow mascara is the last step that will bring out the beauty of your brows, hold hairs in place and enhance them, so that makeup is more expressive.
A good brow mascara colours eyebrows without sticking them together and overburdening them with a heavy formula. It’s also the perfect product for makeup minimalists who only want their hairs to be sculpted and brushed neatly without using too many products.

Brow mascaras – cosmetic ranking

I believe that every one of you will be satisfied with such a multipurpose and nice product. Which brow mascara is the best though? Dear readers, check out my ranking and choose a recommended brow mascara that has positive reviews and provides the best makeup effects.

My number 1:
Nanobrow Shape Mascara – the best brow mascara for me!

Size: 7ml


Unquestionably the best brow mascara I’ve had the occasion to use and I tested several dozen of them in my career. It has not been possible to colour my eyebrows with such precision or to use an ergonomically-designed spoolie like this in any other product. The bristle spacing is perfect here: this leads to no overburdened or stuck-together hairs, nor excess product. Instead, the product does makeup smoothly and quickly, combing and styling literally every little hair. Nanobrow Shape Mascara is perfect in every detail: from wonderful and elegant packaging through the aforementioned spoolie to a fantastic, nurturing and hydrating formula with the addition of silica which softens brow hair and makes it more prone to styling. I adore the natural colours – I’ve seen each one thanks to my friend who’s an MUA. Honestly, it was she who recommended me Nanobrow, saying the brand “knows everything there is to know about brow makeup and care”. And it’s true! See for yourselves how remarkable and impressive the products from the Nanobrow line can be found on their official website: The shades Nanobrow Shape Mascara offers are intensely pigmented, building up the brow hair texture. What’s more, their formula is velvety and silky. It’s undoubtedly the best brow mascara!

Nanobrow Shape Mascara will charm you because:

1. Has a favourable price and offers premium quality!
2. The formula is non-sticky and doesn’t overburden brow hair.
3. Has a fine, highly precise spoolie. 
4. Is long-wear, smudge-proof and anti-smear.
5. Contains nurturing and beautifying silica. 
6. Offers lovely, natural-looking, rich shades,
7. Delivers a wonderful effect of enhanced and expressive eyebrows.
8. You can buy it comfortably online without leaving the house!

Number 2.
BENEFIT Gimme Brow+ Volumizing Eyebrow Gel

Size: 3g


You will surely appreciate it if you’re fans of old-school brow mascaras that had a classic, cone-shaped spoolie. If you ask me, it’s not that great of an applicator but I love the Benefit mascara formula very much as it colours well and has pretty shades. It’s clear that it enhances eyebrow hair. This kind of effectiveness, the Benefit brow mascara owes to special microfibers in the composition that grab onto brow hairs and build them up. This results in three-dimensional and optically emphasized eyebrows. Is it the best brow mascara? In my opinion not really, maybe it’s because of the spoolie which makes makeup quite unpleasant, or because of its price. Definitely too high! When I use the Benefit brow mascara, I always apply the product with a different spoolie. You can choose from 10 shades but most of them are only slightly different from each other which makes choosing difficult.

BENEFIT Gimme Brow+ Volumizing Eyebrow Gel has charmed with:

1. Microfibres in the composition
2. A three-dimensional and thicker eyebrows effect
3. Long-wear and waterproof formula
4. Pretty shades and good pigmentations

I didn’t like:

1. the high price
2. too similar pointless shades
3. the spoolie which should be replaced!

Number 3.
Kiko Eyebrow Fibers Coloured Mascara

Size: 4,2ml

Kiko Eyebrow Fibers Coloured Mascara

Since we’re already on the subject of fibres in brow mascara, I think I have a soft spot for them! Kiko is quite a popular choice, too. It contains unique microfibers that help build up a good volume. You will definitely like it if you’re fans of the shiny end result – the brow mascara makes eyebrows look very glowy. I myself prefer a rather subtle, silky look in brow makeup but if I want them to be shinier, I usually just go with a regular brow gel.
How does Kiko Eyebrow Fibers Coloured Mascara work? It colours pretty well and precisely, coats brow hairs with an even layer of the product, its tiny spoolie may not be the best, but when you get some practice, you definitely won’t complain about the makeup results.

I mentioned Kiko Eyebrow Fibers Coloured Mascara because of:

1. Microfibers in the composition and great eyebrow volume
2. An interesting makeup effect
3. Good hold of the hairs
4. Pretty satisfying colours

I didn’t like:

1. A glossy effect is…a bit too much for me
2. Poor efficiency and capacity
3. The spoolie is nothing interesting

Number 4.
Dior Diorshow On Set Brow Brow Mascara

Size: 5ml


There was a time when the Dior brow mascara was a staple in my makeup bag. I really value its effectiveness and fine composition: you can find 90% natural ingredients in this brow mascara. Despite being overpriced, it’s often recommended because it delivers a nice makeup effect. I also like the hold it provides – hairs are kept in check for many hours. Its con is, of course, the classic spoolie: do your makeup with it carefully because it’s easy to bend it on accident and stick your hair together. I always had to separate and brush my brow hairs after finishing my makeup to get rid of excess product. One benefit is that the product is long-wear and waterproof. 

Dior Diorshow On Set Brow Brow Mascara is alright because:

1. Contains many natural ingredients.
2. Nourishes eyebrows! It’s composed of panthenol and biotin.
3. Delivers a good hold effect.
4. Is long-lasting.

I didn’t like:

1. Small capacity and semi-good efficiency
2. High price
3. A very limited colour range

Number 5.
Lancome Sourcils Brow Styler Brow Mascara

Size: 6,5ml

Lancome Sourcils Styler Brow

The Lancome fans claim this is the best brow mascara. I answer: OK, it’s good but…First and foremost, its price isn’t affordable which declassifies it for me. It’s true that it’s quite large but it doesn’t mean it’s efficient as well – it will last you longer than the Dior brow mascara though. It’s worth mentioning its creator, Lisa Eldridge, who is a world-wide famous makeup artist. It was she who created this brow mascara, specially commissioned by Lancome. Want to know what I like about it? This brow mascara has a fantastic spoolie! This is why it’s earned a place in my ranking! Before I discovered Nanobrow, this exact spoolie was my favourite. By the way, it’s the only silicone spoolie in my ranking! It works well in brow styling and combing. The effects are pretty and the hold is decent.

Lancome Sourcils Brow Styler Brow Mascara is recommended because:

1. Has a large capacity
2. Has a long-wear performance
3. Is equipped with a nice spoolie which works well in makeup
4. Is great for combing brow hairs

I didn’t like:

1. A very high price
2. A limited shade range (no colour for those with dark hair)

That was the last brow mascara in my ranking. Have you found your perfect match? Which brow mascara, in your opinion, should also be mentioned in the ranking? Let me know! Meanwhile, I will give you one more piece of advice:

How to use brow mascara?

This might be a trivial question but if I had a diamond every time I am asked this, I’d be the richest person in the world. It turns out, that even though it seems simple, many people struggle with it. Do you need to powder brow hairs before makeup? Should you use one or two layers? Should the hairs be brushed upwards or towards brow tails? There are many questions so let’s answer them once and for all. How to use brow mascara? I do it this way:

1. I do my brow makeup at the end where my entire face is already finished. I brush them to remove excess foundation but because my hairs are thin and fine, I powder them a bit with transparent powder (usually bamboo or rice powder) and only then do I take a brow mascara.

2. Using mascara itself is child’s play: I simply open the tube, pull out the spoolie and brush my hairs the way I want them to be styled. More often than not, I don’t comb them straight upwards even though many people do soap brow using tinted brow mascara.

3. I wait a moment until the product dries and sometimes,  for a better three-dimensional end result, I apply a second layer of brow mascara. That’s all!

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