Ready in 5 minutes. An incredible way of applying ultra-fast make-up

Hey all the cuties out there!

Today, I’m going to shatter one myth: hurried doesn’t mean unkempt. I know that sometimes it’s hard to find enough time to apply flawless make-up. Many women simply resign form it, however, in the morning, when we are hurried the most, it’s possible to conjure up perfect make-up using no more than 5 minutes only. My daily make-up occupies no more than that, and looks… well… flawless! Thanks to this, I win a few extra minutes each morning, thus I can: sleep longer, enjoy my aromatic coffee, or simply start my day with a few pages of a good read (and coffee). Totally priceless. So, let’s get to the substance of a case. How to do fast and beautiful make-up?


1. Well-prepared skin

Well, making compromises doesn’t pay off here. Skin must be conditioned well. If you treat your skin the right way, it will return the favour by being beautiful and flawless. Only on such skin make-up have the chance to look astonishing. In other words, the less you pay attention to your skin, the worse your daily make-up will be. Therefore, remember to exfoliate your skin regularly, nourish it and moisturise. Also, make sure that you find matching cosmetics and never ever go to sleep with your make-up on. This is simply an own goal.

Every morning I wipe my face skin with micellar lotion (recently, I’ve been using rose water), I tap non-oily, gel emulsion of mattifying properties and apply an under eye cream. If it happens that I’ve run out of it, I apply shea butter instead.

2. Make-up base

Make-up base is my secret. I guess you expect that I follow with a foundation, BB/CC cream or something of this kind. Well… not really. A matching make-up base suffice completely and can replace many colour cosmetics. Sometimes, I add a dash of loose transparent powder and I consider my face make-up done. When you notice puffiness and dark circles under eyes, press a cool spoon to the eye skin area. The dark circles shall become lighted up so you won’t have to apply under eye concealer.

3. Transparent powder

I’ve already mentioned this item, haven’t I? I apply it directly on make-up base. Transparent powder helps me even out my skin tone and control this unhealthy shine leaving skin smooth, nourished and moisturised. Also, this cosmetic is frequently able to protect against damaging solar radiation. I find powder completely necessary when I want to extend the lifespan of satin skin effect. If your face skin is oily, reach for natural, white, bamboo face powder. It’s mattifies skin a little bit better than its rice alternative. You can also make use of yellow, banana powder. It serves olive and warm-toned complexion best.

Apply the powder to your face using a hairy brush. However, don’t sweep your skin with it but stamp it delicately instead.

4. Eye and face highlighter

This is a perfect way to do eye make-up and gift the entire face with delicate, healthy shine and freshness. I use a satin-finish highlighter to dab my eyelids, the bridge of nose, Cupid’s brow and chin. I also add a small amount of it right below brows. Thanks to this trick I make my eyebrows look as if they were lifted up. Hence, face looks fresh and well-rested.

5. Mascara and eyebrow pencil

I find eyebrows as the most important make-up element and I’m glad that the present-day trends ruled out these thin, unnaturally slim eyebrows. To me, these girlish, enhanced eyebrows take years off your face. To be honest, eyebrow make-up takes my time most – I do it diligently and precisely, I’m not rushing at this stage. Eyebrow pencil helps me fill in the entire eyebrow arch with colour and add a few extra hairs if I find them necessary. Sometimes I use a tiny, flat, angled brush. When I happen to apply too much of the cosmetic, I remove it using a special eyebrow brush.

Mascara is yet another secret of mine. A few gestures made, a few brush glides along lashes and my eyes are done – eyelashes are separated, extended and well-styled. I usually use a mascara featuring a silicone brush which is fairly thick (it has dense bristle). Also, I clean the brush regularly so as to prevent dried mascara residues spoiling my lashes.

That’s pretty all. Fast? Very! Effective? Indeed! Natural? You bet! Tell me if you like my view of the world’s fastest make-up 🙂 Perhaps you will be able to beat me and apply it in 3 minutes instead of 5? 🙂

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