New arrivals in my make-up bag: Surf Spray by Bumble and bumble


Although I’m not a surfer’s girlfriend, I like wearing summer beachy waves once in a while. And I can style my hair that way with the aid of my three new cosmetics by Bumble and bumble. All of them are sprays owing to which I can create and fix the delicate, messy waves. How did the products serve my hair in the long run?

What new did I buy?

My cosmetic collection has recently expanded due to 3 cosmetics. They all are American brand hair styling products released by Bumble and bumble.:

  • a sea salt spray in its dark blue bottle Surf Spray – the original product which has always been available in the brand’s offer;
  • a spray in white-and-azure bottle Surf Spray in Montauk Dunes;
  • a spray in white-and-blue bottle Surf Spray in Malibu Beach.

All three products are closed in bottles featuring atomiser. It significantly improves and eases precise application. The capacity of each packaging is 125 ml (4 oz.) and I think that I’ll be able to use the products really long. What I like about the cosmetics most is the fact that they weren’t tested on animals, they don’t contain any parabens, mineral oils or formaldehydes. Before you ask: No, I don’t have my fav spray. I tested all of them and I have to admit that all three serve my hair equally well.

Surf Spray the Original Salt Spray

Surf Spray recommended for healthy, straight or wavy hair either of medium or high thickness. This cosmetic provided my hair with a good hold and boosted its volume, and it gifts the strands with a really nice texture, I must say. Sometimes I applied it to dry hair, other time I sprayed it over damp hair – in both cases the cosmetic served its purpose. I tend to blow-dry my hair after using this Bumble and bumble. product, and therefore I win a really good fix. Moreover, Surf Spray moisturises, leaves hair glossy and bouncy.

Surf Spray in Motauk Dunes

Surf Spray in Motauk Dunes is the best for girls whose hair is naturally wavy and who want to have a hairdo resembling famous surfers’ hairdos. This cosmetic features sea salt boosting hair volume, gifting it with texture and improving combability. Fairly characteristic feature of surf-like look is the lack of overdone shine, which Surf Spray is able to provide. How to use it? Spray either damp or dry strands with the product and then use your hands to style them. To me, you can notice a subtle lily aroma in Surf Spray in Motauk Dunes.

Surf Spray in Malibu Beach

And the last one of my new arrivals by Bumble and bumble. is Surf Spray in Malibu Beach. This cosmetic is designed for straight and wavy hair either of medium or high thickness. I can say that this cosmetic fixed my hairdo really well, enhanced the natural curl of my strands and gifted them with more volume. Additionally, Surf Spray in Malibu Beach left my hair scented with coconut and orange. When it comes to the application, as it was with the remaining two products, I used Surf Spray in Malibu Beach to damp and dry hair, which I let to be air-dried afterwards so as to facilitate the spray getting absorbed by hair freely.

Do you also have your favourite products enabling you to style your hair surfer-like?

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