Australian hits for hair – 3 Miracle Oil Mega by Aussie – product review

From the moment I read that Australia is one of the less contaminated places on Earth and that the plantations there are a real paradise – ecological, unpolluted crops and unique plants that do not appear anywhere else – I decided to give the Australian cosmetics a chance. Of course, I started with the most popular ones, which are in almost every drugstore or online store. Aussie hair cosmetics. I admit that so far I have not had the opportunity to try them, so without thinking and without getting into the ingredients, I bought 3 Miracle Oil Mega for normal and thin hair. How does it work? Was I satisfied with the results? What about the composition of Aussie hair oil? Here is the review.

Aussie 3 Miracle Oil Mega – oil for normal and thin hair: composition 

As for 100 ml of oil, it does not cost much. No wonder, because its composition comprises mainly alcohols and silicones. Fortunately, they are volatile or light, so I decided to buy it – it is to beautify and not regenerate the hair, so it’s no wonder that it is not composed of pure and natural oils only. Ok, somewhere at the end of the composition I noticed alcohol benzyl, but this small amount should hardly have any influence on the hair. In general, the oil is meant to not only protect, lightly nourish and enhance radiance but also improve the hair structure – hence the so-called “friendly” silicones on the list of ingredients. In addition, there are 3 (and not random ones) natural oils:

  • macadamia oil,
  • coconut oil,
  • safflower seed oil.

The oils perfectly condition the hair, protect it and give it shine (although probably the gloss on the hair is primarily the outcome of volatile silicones, which are there in high amounts). Thanks to the natural oils, the product protects the hair against high temperatures and against scorching sun. It will also be perfect for the winter time because it will protect your hair from too low temperatures. Fatty acids contained in the oils are a source of phytosterols and flavonoids that affect the internal structure of the hair, prevent aging and destruction of the strands. The oil is very easily spread on the hair. I only have doubts because of “perfume” in the composition – it is very vague and you never really know what kind of alcohol is behind this name: a bad one, drying, or maybe safe, volatile alcohol. You just never know.

Aussie 3 Miracle Oil Mega – oil for normal and thin hair: application 

The oil can be applied to the hair in three different ways:

  1. Apply right before shampooing, to dry hair (it can be left on the hair for about a quarter of an hour or so) to strengthen the effects of your conditioner after hair washing.
  2. Apply to dry hair after washing and blow-drying to make it smooth, add shine and prevent frizziness.
  3. Apply to damp hair after washing – oil is to be applied to hair ends or the entire length of hair – from the ear level to the tips without rinsing.

I usually applied it only to dry hair, i.e. in the morning before styling or just afterwards. I simply treated it as a conditioning lotion or a leave-in conditioner. However, as a mask before or after washing the hair, I prefer other products, the composition of which is not based on silicones and heavy, short-chain alcohols.

Aussie 3 Miracle Oil Mega – oil for normal and thin hair: effects and opinions 

The Aussie 3 miracle oil smells beautifully – I was impressed with the durability of this fragrance, for a good few hours I felt it very intensely on the hair. The composition slightly disappointed me due to the presence of unfriendly alcohol (benzyl alcohol).

Nevertheless, the effects of using 3 Miracle Oil Mega are … really amazing. The hair is smooth almost immediately. It is nice to the touch, look healthier. Who would not want to have beautiful hair right away … , therefore, I enjoyed shiny hair that looked thicker and healthier for about 3 weeks. I was so charmed that I abandoned traditional hair oiling. Unfortunately, it was not a good idea, because soon my.. how to say it, hmm … ignorant attitude to REAL oil care resulted in a significant dehydration of the hair, which became weakened, dull and really frizzy (without the Aussie oil).

Aussie oil generally receives positive reviews, but you should not think of it as a treatment for repairing or regenerating hair – rather as a beauty, silicone and oil-based hair serum that intensifies its appearance on a daily basis.

In general – I thought that oil 3 Miracle Oil Mega is some amazing mixture abounding in natural substances. However, it turned out to be quite a common conditioner based on natural oils. The hair is nice after it, but I would prefer the effect to be achieved with natural hair products.

Have you ever had the chance to test 3 Miracle Oil Mega by Aussie? Or maybe you reached for other cosmetics from the Australian Aussie company? Share your opinion 🙂 Regards!

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