How to Care for Facial Skin? Autumn Treatments: AHA, BHA, PHA Acid Chemical Peel

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The chemical peel is a beautifying treatment you can do yourself at home. Drugstore products will deliver the same effects as beauty salon procedures. Are there any differences? The comfort of staying home and doing the treatment in the peaceful and quiet environment.

Skincare Acids

The chemical peel involves purifying the facial skin with acids. The treatment consists of removing dead skin cells and impurities from skin pores, smoothing wrinkles and brightening pigmentation spots. If you decide on a home procedure, just choose the right concentration of acids. 5% acid is the maximum you can use for DIY chemical peel.

What types of acids are there?

Acids can be divided into AHA, BHA and PHA. AHA acids (glycolic, mandelic, lactic, shikimic, malic) hydrate the skin, smooth wrinkles, reduce acne, brighten discolourations, add elasticity and radiance to greyish skin. BHA and PHA acids (salicylic, azelaic, lactobionic) help treat acne, protect the skin from free radicals, boost epidermis renewal and control the work of sebum glands.

How to use acids?

If you want to use acids at home, choose ready-made products with low concentration or high concentration acids to prepare a solution. During the first treatment, the concentration of the acid cannot be higher than 10%. If the skin exfoliates without irritations, you can use stronger solution for the next treatment. Use 35% acid for the surface peel. To finish the treatment, apply a special toner (neutralizer) to remove the rest of the exfoliating product.

Step-by-step at-home acid treatment

Thorough make-up removal, washing and drying the face skin make the first step. Next, apply vaseline to your lips, eye area and nasal mucosa to protect the sensitive parts of the skin from irritations. Apply the acid with a flat brush (available at every drugstore), avoiding the sensitive spots. Leave the acid in for a few minutes. Then, wipe the skin with the toner and apply a moisturising mask.

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