Lunar power in cosmetics! Yoskine Illumi Moon Wakai face cream


I bet you know many cosmetics featuring gold particles, snail slime, viper venom and other bizarre ingredients, don’t you? But what would be your reaction if I presented you a face cream containing dust taken from lunar rocks? This is how we can describe Illumi, facelift by Yoskine, Moon Wakai.

How does Illumi work?

Cream Illumi by Yoskine Illumi is recommended for all skin types, beginning from combination, going through normal and ending at mature and dry. It’s main actions to be delivered can be summarized to: smoothing, regenerating, delaying skin ageing processes and controlling shine. Moreover, this cosmetic reduces visibility of wrinkles, highlights complexion and evens skin tone. Already after the first application it becomes clear to see that dark circles and swellings under eyes are smaller. Basically, the face looks younger. Illumi by Yoskine works as a volumetric treatment – it shapes, lifts and fills skin imperfections, I mean fine lines.

How to apply new cosmetic by Illumi?

This anti-age cream is designed to be applied morning. I put it on cleansed and toned skin of face and neck. It has light consistency, thanks to which it is easy to distribute and is absorbed fast. I had the impression that after applying, the product changes the formula into a more powdery one and even more lightweight. Therefore, I find it just perfect as a make-up base, for example.

What does Illumi cream contain?

The most mysterious ingredient of cosmetic by Yoskine is this lunar rock dust I mentioned earlier. Apart from this interesting ingredient, we can also find sun protection filter 15, a few natural pigments as well as substances delivering moisturisation and protection from free radicals. Owning to these ingredients, you can be sure that your skin will look younger and more beautiful.

In-Yo-Technology Series by Yoskine

Apart from day cream Illumi Moon Wakai the new series of cosmetics by Yoskine, we can find: make-up base, under eye and lip cream, make-up removing emulsion for eyes and lips, scrub, face mask and night cream. Naturally, all the cosmetics contain lunar rock dust and substances responsible for delaying skin ageing processes.

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