Oil not only for hair. Take care of your boyfriend’s beard!

Hello Girls!

It’s a common belief that only women apply oils. They use the natural products to hair, skin and nails. However, it turned out that men are equally willing to use oils as women do, yet with just one difference – men apply oils to beard. If your guy takes care of his beard the same way, make him a surprise! Prepare a Beard Oil especially for him.

Why would a guy need a Beard Oil?

If you think that men don’t take care of their bodies then you are wrong. Guys, alike women, very seriously treat skin and hair care. They apply masks, visit beauticians and have manicure done. Some of them devote much time to their hair and beard. I bet more than once you came across a guy wearing a pony tail or beard plaits. However, a neat hairdo isn’t enough. Hair and beard must be on-fleek, well-taken-care-of, without the tiniest sign of greying. And this is the very reason why men use beard oils. They moisturise, nourish and reinforce both the scalp and beard. Help your boyfriend forget what dandruff, grey hair and hair loss are.

DIY | Beard Oil

In order to prepare a beard oil for your guy, use: 14 g Argan Oil, 7 g Jojoba Oil and 7 g Sweet Almond Oil. Also, you may need a few essential oils: Lavender, Rosemary and Cedar Wood. Use just a few drops to gift the oil with the right aroma. It’s worth mentioning that essential oils carry antiseptic features as well as they stimulate hair growth.

How to prepare a Beard Oil? It’s very simple! All you need to do is precisely mix the ingredients and pour the blend into a bottle featuring an atomiser. Of course, such an oil has to be well-shaken before use. And how to use it? Again, there’s nothing complicated about this. Your guy has to distribute a few drops and rub them precisely into the hair and beard. If his beard is long and thick, ask him to comb the hair first so as the oil can be distributed evenly.

Will your boyfriend be willing to use homemade Beard Oil?

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