My make-up bag has got bigger! Again! New stuff by Pixie Cosmetics

Hello Girls!

Today, I’m going to talk a little bit about the make-up cosmetic I’ve bought recently. These products belong to Pixie Cosmetics brand and are, in particular: Dust of Illumination, Clay Delights powder and Reviving Under Eye Concealer, which is natural and features vitamins. Go on reading.

Dust of Illumination by Pixie Cosmetics

This product launched by Pixie Cosmetics is available in three shades: Moonlight, Start Whispers and Gold Rush. Every single one of them highlights skin well, adds radiance and youthful look. These cosmetics are especially recommended for people having fatigued, dull and anoxic complexion. I must also add that Pixie Cosmetics highlighter has natural composition, which is why, it’s friendly to people whose skin is sensitive. Namely, the product contains, among others: zinc that prevents acne, nourishing vegetable wax and mica reflecting light, which of course contributes to brightening face up. I applied Dust of Illumination to the tops of my cheekbones, to the inner corners of the eyes, under eyebrow arch, to Cupid’s bow, the bridge of nose, to the middle part of my forehead and chin. Obviously, I used a few make-up brushes for that. To highlight my face, I used a big and fluffy applicator, and to do my eyes, I used a flat shader brush.

Clay Delights by Pixie Cosmetics

It contains two cosmetic clays: kaolin and illite, which are known for pampering skin and beautifying face. I used this powder as a make-up primer and as a finishing agent. Thanks to Clay Delights, my skin became even and imperfections were masked. It’s worth mentioning that due to the cosmetic clay content, Pixie Cosmetics Clay Delights is recommended to people with acne skin. Indeed, this cosmetic is able to heal lesions and relieve irritations. I used to apply it in minimal amounts thanks to a flat top brush. After that, I followed with a foundation and other colour cosmetics.

Reviving Under Eye Concealer by Pixie Cosmetics

In my opinion, this cosmetic is useful for all the people who work in front of the computer screen or who have sleeping issues; especially when they notice sagging and dark circles under their eyes. Reviving Under Eye Concealer is available in three shades: Creme Brulee, Vanilla Cream and Sweet Almond. It contains vitamins A, E and C, as well as glycerine. Thanks to these substances, skin around eyes is moisturised, younger, smoothed and resistant to the adverse action delivered by the external factors. To me, Pixi Cosmetics concealer’s formula is a little bit too dense, which has an impact on the application (it’s rather difficult). Therefore, to make it easier, I mixed the concealer with my under eye cream and finish applying make-up as regular.

Have you ever used products by Pixie Cosmetics?

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