New, easier way of applying make-up? Yes, but only with Duraline by Inglot


Don’t your cosmetics want to stay on your face long and the make-up you apply daily doesn’t appeal to you anymore? No worries! Just give a go to Duraline liquid by Inglot. I’m sure, you can’t even image what this inconspicuous product can do!

How does it work?

Duraline liquid by Inglot was created so you can diversify make-up and prolong its wear. This inconspicuous cosmetic hides several truly incredible features. In fact, there is just few of them, yet, to me, they are very useful:

  • eases wet application of loose and pressed eyeshadows;
  • enhances shades of colour cosmetics;
  • promotes wearability of make-up;
  • regular make-up transforms into water-resistant.

How to apply this magical liquid?

Inglot closed Duraline in a glass bottle featuring a pipette. Indeed, this kind of applicator enables to dose the precise amount of the cosmetic. I have to admit honestly that even one drop of this cosmetic is sometimes too much for me. Anyway, the bottle stores 9 ml of the liquid. Perhaps, you think that this is almost next to nothing when it comes to capacity of a product. Not a bit of it. Duraline is incredibly efficient and enables a few long months of use. Additionally, I have to mention that Duraline has oily consistency, which significantly increases its efficiency. Finally, Inglot’s liquid is paraben-free and doesn’t encourage skin imperfections.

How can we use Duraline by Inglot?

Add it to a foundation to make the application easier in a snap. Moreover, your skin will gain healthy shine and neat tone as it will become perfectly moisturised. If any of your cosmetics, for some unknown reason, has become rock solid then just a drop of Duraline will be enough to restore its former consistency. Similar action will be delivered if you add Inglot’s product to a dried-out mascara. What is even more amazing, Duraline is able to transform a regular eyeshadow into a waterproof eyeliner, and that’s not even all. Duraline can change a blusher into a lipstick, a highlighter and other colour cosmetics.

Interested? Give it a go and I’m sure you won’t regret.

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