The Ritual of Sakura Bed & Body Mist. My Review


I have to admit honestly that I’ve never seen a cosmetic like this before. Can a body mist be a bedding mist as the same time? It appears that yes, and it is well-proven by Rituals brand. This is the very company that offers this extraordinary cosmetic named the Ritual of Sakura Bed & Body Mist.

Body Mist – Does it even work?

It’s obvious that every girl prefers the perfumes she is currently wearing to hold the entire day and when they perfectly match other care cosmetics she has applied. Nevertheless, as it turns out, mists aren’t that bad. They work just fine, especially during the summer, for people with sensitive skin type; alcohol included in regular fragrances might trigger irritations. What I find interesting, mists contain nourishing vegetable extracts and they do multiple duties. One of them is promoted by Rituals brand.

Rituals the Ritual of Sakura Bed & Body Mist

First and foremost, this cosmetic will perfume both your body and bedding. I assume it will also be good at gifting your hair and clothes with aroma. Basically, you can use this product to fill your entire home with pleasant smell. Moreover, this mist by Ritual contains moisturising substances which takes care of skin. These are, among others, glycerine, betaine and cherry flower extract.

How did I use the Rituals Bed & Body Mist?

There wasn’t anything difficult about it. I used the mist instead of perfumes and thanks to this I could perfume my entire body, including my hair. I didn’t have to bother that this product would do any damage to my clothes as it seems to be extremely typical for fragrances containing alcohol. Unfortunately, I haven’t tested yet how long it takes for Rituals the Ritual of Sakura Bed & Body Mist to hold on bedding. I just don’t want, even for the world’s pleasant smell, to disturb me sleeping. However, I applied the mist during the summer when it is typical for alcohol to irritate and discolour skin when exposed to sun rays.

What about you, Girls? Do you use body mists? Which ones are your favourite?

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