Sheer Glow foundation from NARS. Is it the best cosmetic I have ever had?


As you all well know, In my opinion, make-up without foundation should not exist. Therefore, I like to try out many foundations to find the best one for me. Even though I have used many different ones, I must say that Sheer Glow foundation from NARS is my go-to product of all times. Wanna know why? Keep on reading:)

Sheer Glow foundation from NARS – effect 

First of all, NARS foundation makes the skin texture smooth and even. It covers minors imperfections as well. The product leaves my face flawless and radiant. If you have some fine lines or you can classify your skin type as mature than Sheer Glow will be the jackpot for you. It will restore your face’s glow and youth. Additionally, the skin is properly moisturised and protected against the damaging effect of free radicals. The foundation has a weightless consistency which makes the application extremely easy even for those who ware only starting they journey with make-up. It does not accumulate in the fine lines, does not smudge nor create dark spots. Thanka to NARS foundation, you will enjoy a natural effect, suitable for every occasion.

How to apply Sheer Glow foundation from NARS?

In order to achieve a more natural look and make the application easier, do not apply it directly to your face. Firstly, dab a small bit onto your hand and warm it up by mixing it with a face cream, or simply put a peas size amount onto the back of your hand. Then, (you can use your fingertips) apply it to your face by making dots all over it. If you have, you can go in with a flat brush or a sponge. Sheer Glow foundation will work well as an under eye concealer. Simply use a lighter shade to achieve the desired, youthful look.

Sheer Glow foundation from NARS – what else should you know?

The product is recommended for normal and dry skin. It has been dermatologically tested, it does not contain any fragrances and it is not comedogenic. NARS offers a wide range of shades – there 20 of them. You can choose from very pale, light, nudes and very dark ones. The cosmetic comes in a 30ml tube. Also, the product is very efficient and will be enough to create many beautiful looks.

What is your favourite foundation? Have you ever tried any foundations from NARS? Maybe you like this one like me? Please let me know:)

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