How have I managed to get rid of blackheads? Black face mask peel-off PIL’ATEN


Small, black, ugly and nasty… Since I remember blackheads were my biggest nightmare. They used to appear in the least expected moment and even my super camouflaging foundation couldn’t deal with. What did I do? I gave a go to black face mask peel-off by PIL’ATEN. What were the outcomes?

Where do blackheads come from?

In most cases, blackheads appear on young girls’ faces, especially when they have acne or oily skin type. This skin imperfection is also typical for those who have problems with hormones or simply don’t know how to take care of their skin properly. How do blackheads develop? Sebum, impurities, residues of cosmetics and dead epidermis cells gather in skin pores. When in contact with air (to be more precise, with oxygen), they oxygenate and become black. If skin pores are neglected, so in other words, if they aren’t cleansed frequently, inflammation occurs, acne develops and skin stops functioning in the right way.

How does peel-off PIL’ATEN face mask work?

I noticed my face being 100 times prettier since I started using this product. This face mask works so strong that it removes almost everything which has gathered on skin: it starts from unclogging skin pores, and even, according to some girls, this product is able to remove down. The effect? Smooth and clean complexion freed from even the tiniest blackhead and acne. As far as I’m concerned, peel-off PIL’ATEN owns its wondrous action to a slightly controversial ingredient. It’s a substance that clings to skin very tightly, it almost resembles adhesive. Therefore, while removing this product from the face, you have to use your strength and, at the same time, be careful enough not to irritate the skin. Fortunately, there are other ingredients responsible for soothing the skin: glycerine and allantoin. Also, we can find collagen, which is known for making skin supple and reducing visibility of wrinkles.

How did I use peel-off PIL’ATEN face mask?

Of course, I always started from removing make-up and cleansing face with a toner. Skin pores have to be enlarged, therefore, it’s advisable to warm up the face with, so-called, steam facial or just put a towel damp with warm water on the face. Next, I distributed the mask by applying a very thin layer omitting eye and lip skin area, eyebrows and hair line. Once a few minutes passed, the cosmetic got dry and I had to remove it delicately.

Have you ever used black mask peel-off PIL’ATEN? What are your impressions?

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