Beauty & Makeup Trends for the Coming Year. How Are We Going to Apply Makeup?


In the coming year, we’re going to say goodbye to some make-up trends. Still, the ones, we’ve been following recently, aren’t going to be forgotten. Check out the upcoming hits and things to be avoided.


Twiggy lashes are making a comeback. A bold look, two coats of a mascara, clumps. Isn’t that too much? In the coming year, we’re going to apply a mascara to both lower and upper lashes, getting a few thick lash clusters. Using a glittery mascara gives a similar effect. This trend is going to enter the makeup world, too.


Forget the winged liners or cat-eye look. In the coming season, you’re going to use this product in a different way, drawing some graphic signs, using an eyeliner instead of eyeshadow or outlining the eyes. New eyeliners will be much thicker.


Face skin illumination will be a thing. A highlighter is every girl’s must-have. Shimmering flecks on your eyelids, lips, face and neck. The well-known holographic or unicorn effect is similar. Just remember one thing – a glowing skin must look natural. Less means more (even when it comes to latest trends).


I don’t mean the red lipstick. Regular lipsticks make a comeback. No lip lacquers, glosses, liquid lipsticks or other inventions that we’ve used so far. Traditional lipsticks will come with an interesting trend – applying a blush to lips or to their middle part.


It’s everywhere – on cheeks, eyelids, eyelashes. Highlighters, shimmering pigments and… jewels – they all go along with the idea and will decorate the cheeks and eyelids. Sometimes, they may replace a mascara, eyeliners and eyeshadows. One shimmery dot or pearl is all it takes for a makeover.


Say bye bye to face contouring. A natural look and a blush or highlighter for a finish touch will be in. We move away from coats of products, concealers and blending. Instead, we’ll apply a blusher or highlighter to eyelids, temples and cheeks.

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