How to Choose Good Mascara? Read before You Buy One

I’m posting today’s (seemingly) obvious article because I’ve come across many questions concerning mascaras recently. The market is abounding in various mascaras so I’m not surprised most of you – to put it mildly – go mad while shopping.

Which mascara should I choose?
Which mascara do you recommend?
Which mascara is best?

A long-wear, lengthening, thickening, clump-free, flake-free mascara… such questions and dilemmas are common online, at drugstores, forums… simply put: questions about a good mascara are never ending. To choose a cheap product by a well-known brand with no regrets in case of failure or go on a spending spree and buy a high-end mascara? It turns out that in order to get the best mascara, you just need to follow a few extremely simple and logic rules. What are these?

How to choose a good mascara? Mini guide for consumers

1. Mascara wand – silicone only

A spiral is the key issue while choosing mascara.

The material that a spiral is made from matters a great deal. Classic hairy nylon wands are out of date. They are unhygienic (it is hard to keep them clean, they bend and get damaged, attract more impurities), and, to make things worse, they don’t separate lashes like silicone wands do. A good ergonomic spiral lets the mascara evenly coat lashes and nicely separates and styles them. This is what gives an effect of multiplied lashes and improves the appearance throughout their length.

2. Mascara wand – which shape’s best?

I’ve learnt on my own skin that thinking ‘the bigger the wand, the bigger the lashes’ is wrong. It turns out that a high-quality brush shouldn’t be exaggeratedly big because most of the product will end up on your eyelids, instead on the lashes. While choosing it, follow the golden mean rule – the best mascara wand is neither too big nor too small. You’re going to see it for yourself – applying mascara is a real pleasure and takes just a moment plus the product smudges neither upper nor lower eyelids.

There’s no point in thinking too much about it – I guess many of you know that the stranger the spiral, the longer it takes to apply the mascara so it’s easier to spoil the make-up effect. I like to go back to my favourite wand which is narrowed on both sides and slightly resembles an ellipse. That’s the only one you can use to easily maneuver in the eye area, precisely coat the tiniest lashes and get a gorgeous make-up.

3. High-quality mascara? The pigment matters, really

Mascara is not just a brush. It is the color as well. To be more precise – pigments used for its production. After all, not all pigments are equal – many of them may cause allergic reactions or even make lashes dry. What pigments are the best in a mascara? If you want to choose the best mascara – seek a mineral pigment which is all natural, ensures a saturated black colour, cares for lashes, protecting them from damage.

4. Good mascara – make-up plus eyelash care

Since I found out that mascara may include truly spectacular and all-natural ingredients, I’m looking only for this kind of mascaras online and at drugstores. To me, it’s the proof of the highest quality of the cosmetic. We wear mascara all day long so if it nourishes our lashes all the time apart from giving pretty make-up – it means that the creators of a mascara made the most of its possibilities. Mascara which enhances lash appearance and condition – without doubts, always a good purchase.

5. Good mascara – consistency

The consistency of mascara is the last thing worth paying attention to. If you take a wand out of the tester and see the product is quite greasy and sticky, it means that water will evaporate after just a month and the mascara will dry out quickly and totally change the formula. Therefore, it’s best to choose velvety or slightly powdery mascaras – not only do they ‘cling’ to lashes better but also stay intact throughout the use of a mascara bottle.

That’s it. Hope the guide will help you pick the best mascara in the future. Unless you’ve already found one and you feel like sharing your opinion? Leave a comment 🙂

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