Newies from Dior: Forever Undercover foundation and Lip Glow lip balm

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Full coverage, the second skin effect and a natural colour and shine. That’s a brief description of the two new cosmetics from Dior, the Forever Undercover foundation and Lip Glow lip balm. Will the products be able to deal with my discolourations and chapped lips? Let’s find out! 

Lip Glow lip balm 

It moisturises, gives colour and gloss. The cosmetic from Dior has a lightweight formula, it is easy to apply, and it smooths the lips and improves their condition. The brand offers 10 shades of pink: there are light and delicate colours, as well as others that are falling purple, orange and dark pink. Lip Glow stays on the lips throughout the entire day. When you apply the lip balm, you can be sure that your lips obtain the perfect dose of moisture and nourishment (the product contains mango butter).

Forever Undercover foundation

Thanks to the high volume of pigments, it covers up imperfections and mattifies the skin. It is lightweight and imperceptible on the face. It stays on all day with only minor touchups. For a natural look, you can apply it with your fingertips, and if you need full coverage – use a brush or sponge. You can choose from 26 shades that will match any skin tone.

The foundation and lip balm from Dior vs. my skin

Let’s start with reviewing Lip Glow. My lips are constantly dehydrated and chapped. I have been looking for a cosmetic that will not only improve the condition of my lips but also give a bit of colour. Before I started testing out the Dior lip product, I exfoliated my lips which made them smoother and most chapped skins were gone. This helps the Dior lip balm look really OK on my lips. I assume that if my lips were in a better condition, the makeup would look even better.

And what about the Forever Undercover foundation? In my opinion, it was given this particular name, not by chance. The product gives fairly good coverage, it’s light and does not leave nor it gives the cakey effect. In the Dior colour range, I found two shades that match my skin (this way I have a product for both seasons the summer and winter). Does it make the complexion matte long enough? Unfortunately, not in my case. At the end of the day, it starts to shine really badly (the T zone in particular) and I have to use blotting papers or ass more layers of a powder. My combination skin needs something stronger.

What’s your favourite foundation? Have you tried any of the two mentioned products? Let me know what you think! 

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